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April 20, 2000

Dear Parents,

Our Rock Climbing Wall is scheduled to be installed on Tuesday, April 25th. I want to thank our PTSA and Mr. Warford for their efforts toward this addition to our Physical Education program.

Next Thursday, April 27th is bring your child to work day. If you are going to have your child go to work with you on that day please notify the office in advance.

The dates for the WASL testing for fourth graders has been scheduled. Arbor Heights fourth graders will be tested Monday, May 1st through Friday, May 5th. The Direct Reading Assessment for some of our kindergarten students and all of our first and second grade students will be the same week.


Barry S. Dorsey


Visiting Policies

Please remember to sign in at the office and get a visitor/volunteer badge whenever you come to the building. Please remember this is for everyone's safety! Building visits are such a difficult topic; we would like to say, "Come any time!" In reality, so much is going on - the potential of interruptions to instruction prevents us from such a complete "open-door" policy. We understand, as parents, the desire to see/know what is going on with your children. We also appreciate the fact that we have so many people giving their time to our building to make it a better place.

District Policy states that classroom visits must be pre-approved by the principal and/or classroom teacher. That could mean an informal conversation with the teacher, but for courtesy and (as the Policy states) to "provide that there is only a minimal level of disruption of the educational process," we'll ask that you stick to asking first. Please don't be taken aback if you are asked where you are going when you sign in - and the following question, "Does she/he know you're coming?" We could go on forever with the 'arguments' on both sides of the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any input about this issue please feel free to call the office and talk to Mr. Dorsey.


Lost and Found

The Lost and Found items will be picked up on April 28th. As we have previously stated, the Lost and Found Closet will be cleaned out and donated to charity on a monthly basis. Please remind your child to check the closet in the front hall whenever they lose a clothing item. Thank you.


Deadlines for Parent Newsletter Articles

If you have information you would like to send home with students you need to have it to the office by Monday for the following Thursday's bulletin. It is our policy that everything goes home on Thursdays. The reason we send home things on the same day every week is for consistency, you always know to ask your child/ren for the bulletin on Thursday afternoon! The Parent Bulletin is the only way we have to inform you of school policies, upcoming events, etc.

We would like to remind Room Parents that all correspondence you send home must be pre-approved by the Classroom Teacher and the Principal. Please send one copy of your letter to the teacher and the office. Office staff will make the copies and get them to the teacher for distribution. Thank you.


Earth Day - Grocery Bag Project

Check the Earth Day Groceries Web Site ( for an update on the Grocery Bag Project. Mr. Ahlness' third graders will be delivering the bags that classrooms decorated for Earth Day. The Safeway store on the corner of Roxbury and 35th will be getting our bags on Friday. If you shop there this weekend you may get a custom designed bag to carry your groceries home in!

Do we have current home and emergency phone numbers for you?

No school next week, April 10 - 14 Spring Break - School will resume at the regular time on Monday, April 17th!


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