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Parent Bulletin

December 7, 2000

Dear Parents,

Thanks to Room 16 for an outstanding performance of the Penguin’s Palace last Friday. Everything including the lighting, costumes and, of course, the acting, was wonderful!

Several weeks ago we reminded families to review their qualification status for free or reduced lunch. Please see the attached chart that gives the criteria required. Please take a moment to review the information.

I want to thank all the parents who continue to give their time and efforts to our students on a weekly basis. You really make a difference!!

The next two weeks are packed with activities. Please check you calendars for special events or programs. Especially note the change of date for the Winter Program. It has been changed to Tuesday, December 19th.


Barry S. Dorsey


Upcoming Events

December 8th – Rooms 7 and 16 Field Trip

December 14th – Rooms 21 and 25 Field Trip

December 18th – Room19 Field Trip

December 19th – Winter Program (see back side of this bulletin)

December 22nd – One Hour Early Dismissal for all students

December 25th – January 5th – Winter Break

Winter Program

Arbor Heights Elementary School

December 19, 2000


The Daytime Program will be at 1:30. if you are unable to attend the evening performance you may come watch the assembly. Please note there is very limited seating during the afternoon assembly. Families of a.m. kindergartners are welcome to bring their children to school at 1:20 to perform in this assembly.

The schedule for the evening performances is as follows:

Students in kindergarten (both sessions), first and second grade will begin at 6:30. Information will come home later announcing what time students should meet in their classrooms.

When the first session ends, we ask that parents leave through the south exit (by the stage). This should help relieve some of the congestion at the entrance. Once the auditorium clears, the seating for the second performance will begin.

Students in third, fourth and fifth grade will be on stage beginning at 7:30. Again, information will come home later announcing what time students should meet in their classrooms.

Theater Manners – We ask that all cell phones and pagers be turned off before you enter the auditorium. Unless your child is in their classroom at the assigned time or on stage, they need to stay with you! Please treat the production and performers as though you, and those sitting next to you, paid full price for theater tickets.