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Parent Bulletin
January 27, 2000

Dear Parents,

Our Annual Hoop Shoot was today. I want to thank Mr. Warford, staff and students for an exciting event.

Please be reminded that there are no classes on Monday, January 31st. This is the halfway point of our school year. I encourage parents to take an assessment of their students progress and make any adjustments so they can be ready to meet standards by years end.

The maintenance crew is here over the course of the next two weeks. We hope to have a lot of repairs made during this period. We also hope to have increased lighting on the perimeter of our building. This will hopefully reduce graffiti and other vandalism. If you see anyone defacing the property we ask you to please notify your local law enforcement agency.

Yeah! We have a full compliment of furniture in the upstairs hallway. Thanks to all for your generosity.

Barry S. Dorsey

Science/Math/Technology Fair
Has your child returned the Topic Sheet for the Science Fair yet? The deadline is tomorrow, Friday, January 28th. The Fair can be a wonderful opportunity for families to learn together in the fields of Science, Math and/or Technology.

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