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May 18, 2000

Parent Bulletin

Dear Parents,

I want to thank all the parents for the wonderful treats last week during Teacher Appreciation Week. Everything was GREAT!!!

Students and Staff are preparing for the Young Author's celebration on May 25th. The students are looking forward to sharing their books during the day and again in the evening.

I have been reviewing next year's report card with some parents. If you would like a copy of that document, please stop by the office and pick one up.

Please be reminded that if, when you are visiting school, you block a residential driveway or mailboxes you are subject to being towed. Local residents have called to say they would call traffic control if driveways are blocked in the future.

I mentioned in the May 5th bulletin that we do not take requests for specific teachers, only requests for specific programs. Please be reminded that no request is guaranteed and specific teacher requests are not considered in the placement process.


Barry S. Dorsey

Instrumental Music Concert

Please come watch the Evening Performance of our Instrumental Music Concert. Mr. Smith and the students have worked hard all year and they are looking forward to sharing their progress with you. Please join them tonight at 7:00 and listen to the beautiful music they will be performing.

From the PTSA

The Seattle School District is asking for feedback on it's Building Excellent Program. Section 2.2 asks: Are there any projects that should be substituted for the schools presently included in the district's building renewal plan for next year. We would like the Arbor Heights Educational Community to ask that our boiler system be included in next year's budget excellence projects. Please contact:

Kathy Johnson
Lead Facilities Planner

or write to:

Seattle School District
Facilities Department, Construction, Planning and Enrollment
4141 Fourth Avenue S. AF 311
Seattle, WA 98134

How is your child's Young Author's Book coming along?

Hat Day is Friday, May 26th.

No School on Monday, May 29th - Memorial Day

Fifth Grade Field Trip - Wednesday, May 31st

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