April 25, 2001



Dear Parents,


Each spring, there is considerable discussion about placing children in

classes for the next school year.  This is a matter that we do not take

lightly at our school, and the staff and I spend countless hours in

forming well-balanced classes in which all children will have an

opportunity to learn and to grow in their academic and social skills.


It is hoped that a frank review of our procedures for class placement of

students will prevent the need for parents to individualize their

concerns or make requests for specific teachers.


When classes are structured, we follow a clear set of guidelines.

Classes are formed into deliberate heterogeneous groups with the

following in mind:


· an even boy/girl balance

· a full range of aptitudes within each class

· an even proportion of abilities and learning styles across the classes

at each grade level

· an equal number of pupils in each class on a grade level

· an even proportion of children with English language proficiency


Once these factors have been considered, teachers begin to build a class

of children who show promise of working well together.  At this point,

attempts are made to match pupil and teacher personality and style.

Quite understandably, these decisions are based upon observations made

by the teachers during the course of the year.  While we welcome your

input about your child’s individual learning needs, we trust that you

understand that your comments constitute just one of the many factors

that we consider in forming classes. The final decision on class

placements resides with the school.




Barry S. Dorsey