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    Parent Bulletin

February 7, 2001


 Last Friday we held our Annual Hoop Shoot.  The competition was fierce

on the court and on the walls!  The posters were awesome, they were so

creative the judges had a difficult time making their decisions for the

top three prizes.  The first place winner was Farm Saelor, the runners

up were Taryn Haines, Taylor Matalone, Brenna Kajikawa, Tina Fu and Aiko

Jumawan.  The prize?  Free pepperoni every Wednesday through the end of

the year!!!!


After two rounds of intense competition, the winners of the Hoop Shoot

contest were Nate Williams and Nicole Nedervelt.  In addition to the

free pepperoni, Nate and Nicole each received a trophy.  Thank you, Mr.

Warford, for a great program!

           Tomorrow, February 8, 2001, is the Science Fair.  I want to

thank all the teachers, parents and especially the students for all

their hard work putting together exhibits.  The festivities start at

6:30.   Please come see the individual and classroom projects we have

been working on.  PTSA is sponsoring a Bake Sale during the Science




The Direct Writing Assessment (DWA) begins right after the Mid-Winter

Break.  Third and fifth grade students will have three days to outline,

write and finalize a piece of writing.  Hopefully, all of our students

will return from the break rested and healthy so they can do their best

work on the assessment.  The ITBS for third and fifth graders will be

coming up in mid-March.  The WASL for fourth graders will begin early in



   Eat a good breakfast…get plenty of sleep…



Report cards are scheduled to go home on Monday, February 12th.



Thank you to all the parents that are scheduled to help with the Science

Fair tomorrow and Friday morning.  It is support like this that makes

Arbor Heights special.




Barry S. Dorsey