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Parent Bulletin

January 25, 2001


Dear Parents,


I want to welcome Jim Johnston to the Arbor Heights staff. Mr. Johnston

has been substituting in Rooms 17 and 23. We are very happy to have him

as a part of the staff.


Please be reminded that Monday, January 29th is the day between

semesters. There will be no classes.


Seattle residents will vote on the school levies on February 6th. Here

is some of the information concerning the EPO (Educational Programs and

Operations levy), Proposition 2. This is a renewal of an existing tax.

This levy represents more than 22% of the districts general budget.

This levy pays for smaller class sizes, Kindergarten programs and

transportation among other programs.


What we could lose is this levy does not pass:


Teacher hiring

School libraries

Sixth period for high school students

Kindergarten programs

Class sizes for elementary students could reach 30+

Significant music, art and athletic program changes


In addition, the Building Excellence II Levy (Proposition 1), will pay

for renovation or new construction in seventeen Seattle school

facilities. BEXII is a continuation of BEXI approved by voters in 1995.

A number of our schools have students in portables, some have no

cafeterias/auditoriums. Other facilities need to be upgraded to meet

district standards for classroom and gym size. Please take a moment to

review the current conditions and project descriptions for BEXII



Finally, by state law, validation of school levies follows the 60/40

rule. A levy will be approved if the measures receive a super majority

vote of 60 percent. In addition at least 40 percent of the total number

of voters who cast a vote in the November 2000 election must note on

February 6th in order to validate the school levy vote.


Absentee ballots have already started to be distributed.


Please make sure your voice is heard.



Barry S. Dorsey



Child Nutrition Services has opportunities for parents, friends and

family who wish to be involved with children and help provide students

with a nutritious meal and at the same time earn some extra money.

Hours vary depending on the school, but as a rule will be from three to

five hours per day at the time that students are in school. An on call

substitute is paid at a rate of $7.77 per hour. There is also the

opportunity to bid on assigned positions as they become available. Call

Child Nutrition Service at 252-0675 for more information or an

application can be picked up at the Logistic Center at 4141 4th Avenue