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    Parent Bulletin

March 8, 2001


Dear Parents,


Monday, March 6th a letter was sent home with students from Joseph

Olchefske about last week’s earthquake.  I hope you had a chance to

review the information.  I personally want to acknowledge the staff and

students at Arbor Heights for their tremendous response to a very

intimidating situation during last week’s earthquake.  Students knew

exactly how to react and they followed directions perfectly as we

evacuated the building until an inspection was completed.


The annual PTSA auction was held last Friday.  I want to thank all the

parents and staff that participated.  Your continued investment in our

students is greatly appreciated.


Puberty Night for fifth grade students is tonight. Activities will begin

at 6:30.  A parent/guardian or adult family member must accompany



There are no classes for students tomorrow or next Friday, March 16th.

Staff will be involved in developing next years budget along with

working on the Arbor Heights’ Technology Plan.


The parent survey results are in!  Smaller Classes was the clear

preference.  More Challenging Curriculum, Extended Day Programs and

Additional I.A.’s were close as second choices. Thanks to all the

families that responded.


Please join me in welcoming Stuart Nakamura to Arbor Heights during the

weeks of March 12th and March 19th.  Mr. Nakamura is a Seattle artist

who is brought to us through the Washington State Art Commission and our

PTSA.  He will be working with Rooms 15, 16, 9, 12, 22 and 24.  The

projects will include “Symmetry in Art”, silk-screened banners and

Bemeraku puppets.  Our students will be learning both cultural and

artistic concepts with Mr. Nakamura.  Please feel free to stop by for a

look at the work in progress during those two weeks.  The final projects

will also be on display on the evening of Young Author’s Conference in

late May.




Barry S. Dorsey



Attention Parents of Fifth Grade Students


The Pen Friend Tea is scheduled for Thursday, March 15th.  If you are

able to contribute a dessert for the Tea, either homemade or purchased,

please call Patty Berg-Le at 932-5380.  Thank you!!



>From the PTSA


A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the parents, staff and students at Arbor

Heights for making the Third Annual Auction a success!  A special thanks

goes to the auction committee:  Anna Phillips, Casey Bradley, Don

Lenning, Debbie Melchior, Gina Westrich, Paige Holloman, Beth Dwyer,

Roxeanne Thomas and Michelle Trombley.   Without your help this auction

would not have happened.  I would also like to thank the volunteers who

helped the evening of the auction:  Kris Lenning, Jon Dawson, Peggy

Ball, Mari Davis, Tracy Petroske, Chris Hagge, Marie Mentor, Ramona

Moore, Patty Wallace and Carol Vollan.  If I left anyone out I

apologize, but thank you too!


Sandy Watkins

Fundraising Chairman



No school for students tomorrow, March 9th.  This is a Seattle School

District Teacher In-Service Day.


There will also be no school for students on Friday, March 16th.  This

is another Seattle School District Teacher In-Service Day.



Important Phone Numbers:


Superintendents Office: 252-0100


Transportation:  298-7900


Arbor Heights Office: 933-5350


Arbor Heights Fax: 933-5351