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Parent Bulletin

December 20, 2001





As many of you know, tomorrow is my last day at Arbor Heights.  It’s been a pleasure working with your children these last five and a half years. Together we have shared tummy aches and scratched knees along with temper tantrums and tears (both mine and theirs!). We’ve also shared that special look of mischief and a hug and a smile when they’ve succeeded in meeting a challenge.  How lucky you are to have such glorious children.


It is difficult to leave people you have worked so closely with.  The Arbor Heights staff are caring individuals who work together as a team to provide a wonderful learning environment for your children.  In addition, the Arbor Heights community really comes together to provide a supportive link that is necessary for the success of your school.  As a former Arbor Heights student, I am proud to have had the chance to serve a new generation.


Though the memories of your children will stay with me always, I will miss the everyday interaction I have been blessed to have with them.



Mrs. Rogers



Winter Program Tonight


The Winter Program will be held tonight in the Grand Theater (Arbor Heights Cafeteria!).  A letter was sent home last week from Ms. Bailey with the times students are to arrive.  Kindergarten through grade two will begin at 6:30, third through fifth graders begin at 7:30.  No cell phones, pagers or unsupervised children during the performances, please!!