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Parent Bulletin

November 1, 2001


Dear Parents/Guardians,


We all know how important writing will be to your child’s life.  It will be important from first-grade through college and throughout adulthood.  The following information, taken primarily from a report by the U.S. Department of Education, is presented for your information.

There are several reasons learning to write is important. These include: 

·                      To do well in school

·                      To enjoy self-expression

·                      To become an effective communicator


Writing is:



            Most of us make lists, jot down reminders and write notes and instructions at least occasionally.


Professional and white-collar workers write frequently—preparing memos, letters, briefing papers, sales reports, articles, research reports, proposals and the like. Most workers do “some” writing on the job.


            Writing helps to provoke thought and to organize them logically and concisely.


            Most of us write thank you notes and letters to friends, at least now and then.


As many as one out of four students have serious writing difficulties. As a parent, you can help your child develop good writing skills. 

Writing is more than putting words on paper.  It’s a final stage in the complex process of communication that begins with “thinking.”  It is an especially important stage in communication, the intent being to leave no room for doubt.

One of the first means of communication for your child is through drawing.  Do encourage your child to draw and to discuss his or her drawings.  Ask questions:  What is my child doing?  Does the house look like ours?  Can you tell a story about this picture?  Show an interest in, and ask questions about, the things your child says, draws and may try to write.



Carol A. Coram, Ed.D


Vandals have hit Arbor Heights again


Vandals have targeted your school again.  It seems like almost every Monday we are greeted with graffiti all over the building.  Last Friday we arrived at school to find Ms. Baileys wheelchair had been removed from the building and taken for a joyride.  The wheelchair was destroyed.  While we work to replace the chair, we are grateful to Mr. Stoinski (Billy’s dad) for donating a wheelchair for her to use.  


Please let us reiterate that students must go home after school.  Students that return to school after hours, should be chaperoned by an adult.  If you see suspicious behavior please call 911 or Seattle School District Security at 252-0700.

Let’s work together to keep our school a safe, happy place during all hours!




Book Character Day


Thank you to Ms. Napolitan for all her hard work in organizing such a wonderful Book Character Day.  To see all the children in their costumes parade along the stage was a wonderful sight. If you weren’t able to attend yesterday, mark your calendar for next year


McDonald’s McTeacher’s Night!


On Thursday, November 15th, the White Center McDonald’s will honor Arbor Heights Elementary School with a “McTeacher’s Night.”  Come to the White Center McDonalds from 5:00 - 7:30 that evening for dinner.  A percentage of the money made during that time period will be donated to our school.  Fast food may not be your idea of the ideal dinner, but make an exception.  Come out and support our school.  The real treat is that Arbor Heights staff members (including the principal) will be behind the counter and at your service!



News From Your PTA


The Arbor Heights Fall Pancake Breakfast is November 10th from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m.  Pancakes, ham, fruit and beverages will be served.  The cost is:


Adults                                    $3.00 or prepay $2.50.

Kids and Seniors               2.00 or prepay  1.50

Families                        10.00 or prepay 8.00


If you would like to volunteer to help with the breakfast, or have any questions, please call Roxanne Thomas at 248-1062.  Bring your shovels, trowel and gloves for the Fall Clean-up and Tree Planting. 



Fundraiser – The Items sold during the fall fundraiser will arrive next week.  More information will go home soon.  Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pick up the items on the designated date.  Please call Angie Anderson if you have any questions at 937-3735.