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Parent Bulletin

October 11, 2001



Dear Parents/Guardians,


Twelve years ago, I walked into an elementary school in New York and was greeted by a colorful and wonderful floor mat.  On it were the words:  “Welcome!  Learning starts here.”


My initial reaction was what a great thing to have at the school entrance.  Later that day I thought about it again. The words on the mat were incorrect.


Learning really starts at home.  You are your child’s first teachers.  Their social, emotional and academic foundations are formed under your care and tutelage.  Once your child comes to school, the staff builds upon that foundation to enhance and strengthen it.  This, of course, means that your son and/or daughter has a set of teachers at home and at school.


The home/school partnership is one that should be strong and on-going.  When there are issues at home you think we need to know about, please phone us so we can best relate to and teach your child.  We, in turn, will do the same.

If I were to order a colorful floor mat for Arbor Heights, it would say:  “Welcome!  Learning continues here.”





Carol A. Coram, Ed.D



Waiver Day – There is no school for students on Friday, October 12th.  Teachers and staff members will be in classes on various subjects such as technology and curriculum development.



Wanted: Live food for Reggie!  Ms. Sato is looking for a parent willing to pick up a rodent

for the snake .  You will be reimbursed for the cost.  Please go directly to the room with the donation – do not bring it to the office!


From the PTA:


FALL PANCAKE BREAKFAST – VOLUNTEER’S NEEDED. Please call Roxanne Thomas at 248-1062 if you can coordinate the details and volunteers for the fall pancake breakfast, which will take place on November 9th.


INNISBROOK WRAPS – Our first fundraising effort was wrapped up on Wednesday, November 10th.  Details will follow soon about how much we raised.  And don’t forget, you can shop all year long on the Innisbrook website and our school will receive 50% of the profits!  The website address is


Last chance to sign up for the after school Spanish classes is Monday, October 15th.  Classes are scheduled to begin October 22nd.


PTA Meeting – Next meeting is Thursday, October 18th in the school cafeteria.  Childcare is available. 


Experienced CONCRETE WORKERS NEEDED!!  Call Janet at 935-7753 to help with the playground sitting wall.