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Parent Bulletin

October 18, 2001



Dear Parents/Guardians,


We all want to be successful. We want our students and family members to do well in life too. I remember a particular article I read a few years ago because is serves as a reminder about how I might best fill my various roles in life. We, the staff at Arbor Heights, want to model these "keys to success" in order for them to become instilled in our students. Those keys are:


TAKE PRIDE IN WHAT YOU DO: Finish each job you start and make sure you have done your best.

TAKE SETBACKS IN STRIDE: Learn from your mistakes and keep looking toward the future.

SET NEW GOALS: You will never know what you are capable of until you try.

WORK HARD: Talent alone is not enough. Only by hard work can you reach your goals.

COMMITMENT: Obligate yourself to achieve your goals.

BE CONSISTENT: Set a regular schedule and stick with it.

ALWAYS GIVE 100%: Do more that what is expected of you.

BE PREPARED: Plan ahead to get ahead.

ENTHUSIASM: Be positive. Enjoy what you do and do it as well as you can.

BE INNOVATIVE: The ability to find a new way or get better results will make you a shining star.

BE CONFIDENT: You must know you can do it to be successful.




Carol A. Coram, Ed.D



Welcome Our New Staff Members


We are happy to announce the addition of three employees to the Arbor Heights Staff. Jennifer Hall is working in the Resource Room. Our new night custodian is Chad Wijenayake. Family Support Worker Vallerie Fisher has been assigned to our school. We know you will be as pleased as we are to have them on staff.


Instrumental Music


Toni Reineke, the instrumental music teacher, would be grateful if you have music books that you would be willing to donate to this year's beginners. She would be even more appreciate if you just happened to have an instrument that is not being used that you would be willing to loan or donate.


Currently, we have a whopping 95 students enrolled in instrumental music! However, 11 students have been unable to obtain an instrument and there are no school instruments left. In the past we have been able to borrow some from other schools, but this year they are all in use. THANK YOU, PARENTS!


Pepperoni Sales

Has your child mentioned meeting Mrs. Keegan at the Pepperoni Table on Wednesdays? She's there every week selling pepperoni sticks for 50 cents each. The profits from these sales help pay for our Friday swimming program.