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Parent Bulletin
September 20, 2001
>From the principal:

Parents have forever tried to tackle the age old issue of helping their
children with homework. Parents have traditionally used bribery,
threats, reasoning or anything else that may seem to work.

Here are a few tips to make the homework process more positive and

· Set up a homework schedule
· Rank order assignments
· Try not to sit next to your child when he or she does homework. Doing
so might cause a dependency that can lead to problems later.
· When checking your child’s papers, acknowledge correct items first.
For incorrect items say, “Maybe if you look at these again, you’ll come
up with a different answer.”
· Never let homework drag on all night.
· Talk about the end of chapter questions before your child reads the
chapter. This way he or she will know what important information to
look for.
· Be aware of your negative, non-verbal messages (grimaces, raised
eyebrows, sighs, etc.).
· Avoid finishing assignments for your child.
· Take the time each night to check your child’s homework

Following these guidelines may prevent frustration, anger and
disappointment during homework time for you and your child.

Carol A. Coram, Ed.D.

>From the office – Next week you will receive a very important
informational packet from your PTSA. Please be sure you read through
all the information and return the appropriate forms to the office as
soon as possible. PTSA is a wonderful organization for you to join; it
gives you the opportunity to add your voice to the activities PTSA
sponsors to benefit your children at Arbor Heights and the community.

When sending correspondence to school please be sure to include your
CHILD’S first and last name. Payments for school lunches should have
your child’s name on the “For” line.

Help Wanted:

The Kindergarten Team is looking for volunteers to take attendance for
the arrival of the P.M. students and lunchroom helpers. Please call the
school (933-5350) and leave a message for either Ms. Golden or Ms. Candy
to call you back if you are interested. Thanks!

WANTED: A parent volunteer to listen to students read. The preference
is to have the same child read with the same adult each week. Time
commitment: ˝ our weekly, 1:00 – 1:30. If interested, please contact
Mrs. Crichton,
Room 21

>From the PTSA Please look for the Fall Fundraising Packet that was sent
home today. Ask your child about the Assembly!!

See the flyer coming home today asking for Volunteers for repairing the
Playground for your children.

The School Savings Program (banking) will start up again on Wednesday,
September 26th. If you are interested in volunteering with our School
Savings program, please call Karla Boyd at 937-6330.