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Parent Bulletin

FEBRUARY 28, 2002    



February 28, 2002



When the weather is not the greatest……visit a museum!


This time of year is perfect for indoor activities like visiting a museum.  A day at a museum will be educational and enjoyable for all family members.


Museums serve as keepers of our cultural history.  They preserve the memories of different cultures and individuals, their handmade objects, art works and historical documents.  Exhibits help us learn about our past, understand the present and gives us insight to the future.


Whether you and your children are interested in art, music, history, natural history, science, technology, or specific areas such as sports, jewelry, dolls or flight there is a museum in the greater Seattle area for you.


Don’t forget the numerous art galleries throughout the city.  They are great places to see the world through the eyes of various artists.  Local galleries display paintings, sculptures, glass works.  Some may provide demonstrations and/or classes.  You might even meet the artists themselves!


Contact some of our local museums and sign up for their mailing lists.  You must might find a few exhibits for the entire family to enjoy.


Have a Good Weekend!






 March 1st       Presentation by Clay Jenkinson of his portrayal of

                       Meriwether Lewis.  The assembly is scheduled to begin at

                       9:15 and will be for the 3rd, 4th & 5th grade classes only. 

                       Adults are welcome to attend but space is limited.


March 5th       Spring Pictures:  Individual & Class Pictures will be taken.



March 7th       First annual Arts Festival will be held from 6:00p.m. – 




March 8th       NO SCHOOL   Professional Development Day for all staff.



March 15th      NO SCHOOL  Professional Development Day for all staff.





               In order to continue our school banking program, we need more parent volunteers.  Please call Karla Boyd at 937-6330 if you are able to volunteer on Wednesdays.