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Parent Bulletin

May 16, 2002







Barnes and Noble listed the following items as things to look for when choosing a book for your child.


·        Books with a reading level that will challenge and stimulate.  Be careful not to make it too hard in reading level.


·        Books with a subject that interests the young reader.  Many children want to pick out their own books.  A trip to the library or bookstore is a perfect family outing.


·        Books on your child’s school reading lists are a great place to start.  Ask your child’s teacher for a list of suggested books.


·        Some of the more popular and enduring titles are available in different editions.  The trim size of the books may vary, and the cover art may vary as well, but almost without exception the text remains the same.


·        Some classic tales are available in abridged formats.


After reading a book, have your child tell you about it.  What parts did he or she like best?  Which characters were his or her favorites?  What was the author trying to tell his or her readers?  This is a great activity for grandparents to do with children as well.


Writing about the story will help your child increase his or her ability in writing skills as well as show you how well your child understood the story.  You can make a game out of this by writing fill-in-the-blank stories.  You and your child can take turns writing a sentence about the story and filling in the blanks.  Have your child keep a journal about what he or she is reading.


Turn television and movie watching into a productive activity by watching the shows


Turn television and movie watching into a productive activity by watching the shows with your child.  Discuss critically what you see on the screen.  Check your opinions with the movie critics in the newspaper to see if you agree with them.  Discuss ideas that you would have used to make the movie or show better.


Check out the newspaper with your child.  Start with visually stimulating sections such as the comics or the travel section as they will catch even a young child’s eye.  Discuss what you’ve read with your child.  Help them see the value in reading a paper.


All of these activities will help your child become more literate and more capable at school.  As summer approaches, be certain that your child spends time reading each day.  Let literacy be a priority in your home!








May 16th                                    Last P.T.S.A.  Meeting for this school year.

                                                   Time:  7:00p.m.   Place:  Arbor Heights Library



May 17th                                   NO SCHOOL – Staff Development Day



May 22nd & 23rd                       Young Author’s Conference –  Please see attached    

                                                    flier for schedule of events



May 27th                                                      NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day Observance



May 29th                                   All School Talent Show – Time:  1:45p.m.



June 1st                                     All School Carnival  Time:  12:00 – 3:00p.m.



June 4th                                    All School Mile Run



June 6th                                    Volunteer Luncheon   Time:  11:30a.m. – 1:00p.m.


                                                   Spring Concert  Time:  7:00p.m.



June 11 – 14th                           5th Graders going to Camp





WE NEED YOUR HELP:  Classroom teachers are lining up volunteers to bring refreshments on Thursday, May 23rd. for our Young Author’s Conference.  Check with your child’s teacher or sign up with Mrs. Napolitan to provide sandwiches or cupcakes to a room that has no volunteers.  Thank you for helping us recognize our your writers.