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Parent Bulletin

FEBRUARY 14, 2002    




If you would like to become a member of our school interview team (for new staff), you must attend the district training:


March 14th                                    SEA                        

May 16th                                        720 Nob Hill Road

July 18th                                        (across the street from A&S Center)

August 8th


April 9th                                          Rainier Beach High School Library

                                 8815 Seward Park South



           June 4th                                          Broadview –Thomson School Cafeteria

                                                                     13052 Greenwood Ave. No.


You do not have to register to attend.  All sessions are from 4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.  Please call Dr. Coram if interested.





The Arbor Heights PTSA is gearing up to finish the playground’s grass oasis for this spring.  We are looking for Landscape Contractors to bid on completing the oasis.  If you are a Landscape Contractor or know a reputable one please give Beth Dwyer a call at 935-5325.  Leave message.


The computer room is up and running, however there are a few items still needed to really complete the job.  Please let Dr. Coram know if you would be willing to procure or donate any of these items so we can complete this project.


12 port switch

24 port switch

air conditioner

64 mb upgrade (if compatible) for each computer

4 surge suppressor power strips


Thanks again to Kathleen Hunt, Mr. Ahlness, Sandy Watkins, Jon Dawson, Mr. Wilkie for seeing this through and creating a great technology asset for Arbor Heights.


Wanted/Needed for the 2002/2003 school year:  Co-Presidents or President, Vice President and Secretary for the Arbor Heights PTSA.  This is a great way to help your school.  No experience necessary, flexible hours!!!

Call Beth Dwyer if interested at (206) 935-5325.





All Seattle Public Schools will be closed Feb. 18th-Feb. 22nd for Mid-Winter Break.  Classes will resume again on Monday, Feb. 25th.


Portrayal of Meriwether Lewis by Clay Jenkinson will be held on March 1st from 9:15a.m.-10:30a.m. here at school.


Arts Festival for Arbor Heights School will take place on Thursday, March 7th.



NO SCHOOL  for students on Friday, March 8th due to Staff Development Day.



NO SCHOOL for students on Friday, March 15th due to Staff Development Day.






The Perfect Attendance list for January has been posted in the hall near the gym.  Come check it



For some years you have probably heard the term “high-stakes” testing.  This generally refers to the standardized tests that schools administer each year.  They are called high skates tests because the decisions they influence can have serious consequences for school districts, schools and students.


Parents and community members evaluate teachers and administrators, based upon their school’s performance on these tests.  Standardized tests are designed by commercial test developers or publishers to give a common measurement of students’s performance compared to their peers throughout the country.  They are one way to judge whether students are learning.


This spring Arbor Heights will also particpate in testing.  Our students will take the tests on the following dates:




February 25 – March 8th  (Grades 3 and 5 only)  Dates reflect the window of time allotted for testing.




March 9 – March 29th  (Grades 3 and 5 only)  Dates reflect the window of time allotted for testing.




April 22 – May 10th (Grade 4 only)  Dates reflect the window of time allotted for testing.




April 15 – May 10th  (Grade K – 2 only)  Kindergarten students who score 26 and above on the Kindergarten Assessment will be tested.


There are several ways that you, as a parent, can help your child in the testing process.  Of course, the most obvious is to be sure that your child attends school every day and does their very best in school.  Keep in close touch with teachers to discuss your child’s progress throughout the year.  Be sure that he or she has plenty of rest on the night(s) before testing.  Provide a good breakfast on testing days, and help him or her see the test as an opportunity to show what he or she has learned.  Encourage your child to do his or her best.


We all take tests that will influence our future.  Whether it is a simple driver’s license test, college entrance exam, SAT, or professional license exam, we must learn to do our best on each test to reach our goals.  Please join with us as we prepare for our standardized testing season.