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Dr. Carol Coram

April 1, 2004


April 5 – 9                          Spring Break – NO SCHOOL

April 12 – May 5               Direct Reading Assessment Testing for Grades K, 1 & 2

April 16                              Last Day to Turn in Pre-Sale Plant Orders

April 19 – May 7               WASL Testing for 4th Graders
                                       WASL Science (only) for 5th Graders

May 1                                  Plant Sale Pick Up Day

Summer School Information:
Seattle Public Schools will have a summer session for current third and fifth graders.  For more information go to and select “Academics” on the left directory.  Scroll down to “Summer Semester.”  You can also call 252-0815 for questions not answered on the website.

Sound Partners Information:
There will be a meeting here at Arbor Heights on Tuesday, April 13th from 7:00 – 8:30p.m.  regarding tutoring strategies for your child.  If you are interested in becoming a tutor, you may get more information at the meeting.  Please see attached flier for additional details.

Donations Needed:
Ms. Baharloo (Room 17) is in desperate need of any good and/or used knitting needles and yarn for her first grade class.  Any donation will be gladly accepted.  

P.T.S.A. Plant Sale Fundraiser Updates:
Our annual pre-sale plant sale is in full swing.  The deadline for getting all orders in is Friday, April 16th.  There are extra order forms available in the office.  (Please note price correction of specialty combo flats on attached plant flier)

Plant Sale Prizes will be awarded to the student(s) and classroom that brings in the most plant sale orders.  

This is a challenge to all Arbor Heights Students!!!!!!  
Let’s try and beat the top plant sellers from last year’s plant sale. 

FIRST PRIZE:  Two tickets to Wild Waves and free popcorn for the rest of the school year.

SECOND – FOURTH PLACE PRIZES:  Top seller from grades K/1, 2/3 and 4/5 will get to go to a Mariner’s game with a celebrity teacher!!

FIFTH PRIZE;            20 Carnival Tickets

SIXTH PRIZE:          15 Carnival Ticket

SEVENTH PRIZE:    10 Carnival Tickets

TOP SELLING CLASSROOM: A popcorn party will be provided for the entire class including snacks and showing a video.

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