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Parent Bulletin
September 18, 1997

PTA Meeting Tonight
The first meeting of the Arbor Heights PTA will be held this evening, September 18th, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. The meeting will be held in the lunchroom with child care (donations please) in the library and the gym. You do not need to be a PTA member to attend. Everyone is welcome. I hope to see you there.

The PTA has decided to change the price of popcorn from $.50 to $.35 (same price as last year). Popcorn will be sold every Friday, starting tomorrow, during the lunch period. If your child can bring the correct change it's helpful.

Sally Foster
It's the last weekend for the Sally Foster Gift Wrap Sale. Don't stop now - keep those orders rolling in! Remember, the Arbor Heights PTSA receives 50% of each sale. Please check that all order forms are completed correctly to avoid any delays. Checks for the gift wrap should be made out to AHPTSA. All forms and collection envelopes are due by Friday, September 26th. Need an extra catalog to take to work? Extra catalogs and order forms are available in the office. Thank you all for your support! Tish Hesse, Fund Raising Chairperson - 932-1776.

Up, Up and Away
Last year our students were asked to take part in a program sponsored by NASA (National Aeronautic Space Administration). Our students all signed a poster which will be sent into outer space in the space shuttle Atlantis. When it returns, our poster will be sent back to us. The launch is scheduled for September 25, 1997 at 10:34 p.m. You might want to follow the mission in the media.

Dogs are nice, but...
There have been quite a few dogs on our playground recently. Some are running loose and some are on a leash with their owners. Some of our younger children are nervous around the animals and I'm afraid that if the dogs sense this they might bite. Please keep your dog at home when you visit the playground. Thank you.
Arbor Heights Home Page
We have a wonderful home page on the World Wide Web. It has received a great deal of notice around the country. Mark Ahlness, one of our 3rd grade teachers, is the person who set it up and he maintains it. The address is at the top of this bulletin. Look us up the next time you get the opportunity.

West Seattle Theater Arts
West Seattle Theater Arts teaches acting classes to youth ages 4 through young adult. Year long "companies" begin on September 15th and 10 week classes on September 29th. Included in the class offerings are Pre-School Drama, Creative Dramatics, Musical Theater, Camera Acting, Young Professionals and Singing Lessons. Shorewood location. Call 935-WSTA for a brochure and more information. Cate Koler, director.

Activity Survey
Our staff is in the process of deciding which activities we should offer this year to children and families. Please put a check next to all of the activities below that your child or your family would take part in on a regular basis. Please return this survey by Tuesday, September 23rd.

____ After School Sports - One night per week K-5 students would participate in sport and recreational activities.

____ Homework Club - One night per week students would receive help with their homework and would participate in math, reading and writing games and activities.

____ Chess Club - One night per week K-5 students would learn to play chess and engage in matches with one another.

____ Choir - One morning per week grade 3 - 5 students would meet with Ms. Bailey for choir practice.

____ Evening Computers - One or two nights each week our computer lab would be open for adult, family and community use.

We don't have the dollars to fund all of these, so we want to see where your interests are. Thank you.

Carl Leatherman

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