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Parent Bulletin
November 12, 1998

There are a few changes in your child s report card this year. Life skills are marked as outstanding, satisfactory, or needs improvement, while academic achievement is measured against standards. These are items that were covered at the information nights in September but I would like to remind you of these changes as the conference period approaches.

As we begin to address higher standards mandated by the State Education Reform law and the Seattle School District s goal of creating a world class school system, we want to keep parents informed as to their children s progress toward these standards. On this card, the marking indicates whether your child meets the standards for the grade level. You should be able to tell at a glance whether your child is meeting the standards (a mark of 3 or 4) or not (a mark of 0, 1, or 2). However, it should be noted that a marking of "2" is not negative. Although this mark indicates that the students has not yet met the standard, he or she is progressing and on schedule to exit. The back of the report card indicates the range of developmental stages that are expected for each grade in reading and writing, and the main topics in mathematics and science.

We hope this new format will give you more complete information about your child's progress. Please feel free to discuss the report card with your child's teacher or send comments to the school.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the Arbor Heights Staff and Students, the Veteran's Day Assembly was able to proceed as planned. Ms. Bailey was out ill and because she was the "Chief Planner" of the assembly, we thought we would have to cancel. I want to thank Ms. Haas Room 25, Mr. Swan s Room 22 and the entire staff for their cooperation and willingness to "go with the flow" so we could show our patriotism and recognize the importance of the sacrifice our Veterans have made for us. It is an honor to work with a staff that is so committed to serving the students of Arbor Heights.

Please turn this page over to see the information from the PTA. We hope to see you at the Sock Hop on Friday, November 20th. There is a Holiday Wreath hanging in the office if you would like to see one before you make your purchase.

A reminder to everyone that Parent/Teacher Conferences begin next week. School will be dismissed at 1:00 for grades one through five. If you have any questions please call the school office at 933-5350.

Barry Dorsey

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