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Parent Bulletin
May 8, 1998

We sent you a parent bulletin yesterday, but a few things have come up since then that we wanted you to know about.

Fifth Disease
We have had several cases of Fifth Disease. It is a viral illness characterized by red flushed cheeks and low grade fever. The rash may last for 1 - 3 weeks, starts on the cheeks and may spread to the arms, thighs and trunk. The treatment is systematic.
Children are not contagious once the rash appears. The public Health Department recommends those that are pregnant contact their physician if they have been exposed.

1998/1999 Principal Appointment
We are happy to announce that Mr. Barry Dorsey has been selected to be the principal of Arbor Heights. Mr. Dorsey is currently the head teacher at Thurgood Marshall and was the principal designee at Whitworth Elementary for two years. He is enthusiastic about continuing the excellence that Arbor Heights has shown in the past and is looking forward to working with the staff and parents in the fall. Mr. Dorsey is planning on attending the May 14th PTA meeting at 7:00 in the lunchroom. Childcare, as always, will be provided.

Wednesday, May 13th is a Seattle Public Schools Inservice Day. There will be no school for students. School will be back in session at the regular time on Thursday, May 14th.

In our "Thank You" to the PTA and Arbor Heights parents for their generosity we misspelled a name. We want to thank Patricia Tinnermon and her many helpers that brought in treats for the staff this week.

Ed Balarezo

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