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Parent Bulletin
December 2, 1999

Dear Parents,

The Pacific Science Center Van was here yesterday. Students had an exciting, informative day learning about the human body. I want to thank staff and parents for all their assistance in making this day run so smoothly.

The Safety Committee is looking for parents to help coordinate the inventory and restocking of emergency kits for each room. Please let me or Mrs. Boyer know if you can assist. In addition we would like each student to have an earthquake kit in their room. Details will be coming home soon.

Ms. Barbara Schaad-Lamphere, Seattle School Board member, was here on Monday for a visit. She was impressed by the high level of instruction taking place in our classrooms. I want to commend the staff and our volunteers for their continuing efforts amidst numerous changes to maintain this level of instruction. Ms. Schaad-Lamphere said she would also make inquiries about the mold/mildew that invades our back hallway.

Please take time to review all bulletins and correspondence from the school. Our office staff spends valuable time repeating information that has been sent home to parents about events, activities and changes in school schedules. If you are, however, unclear about information in the bulletin please call the office.

Barry S. Dorsey

Holiday Wreaths
For all who ordered Holiday Wreaths this year THANK YOU! We had our biggest year ever selling over $1,700! They will be coming in on Monday, December 6th and will be delivered to your child's classroom. If your child takes the bus, please make arrangements for them to be picked up. Also, for those of you who ordered large quantities, please call me to make arrangements before delivery. And for those who didn't get around to ordering a wreath and would still like one, we ordered a few extras and will have them available on Monday. Call me if you have any questions or need to make arrangements. Terry Clements, 762-3256.

Winter Program
As you know, the Winter Program will be held on December 16th. It is always most meaningful and festive when we use our families' art to create the setting. In celebration of our children, the theme this year will be light and eternal youth. With origami (paper folding) and simple paper cutting we will create stars and birds and animals. The Japanese folded crane has long been a symbol of happiness and peace, and there are dozens of ways to fold and cut a simple star from paper. Anyone and everyone is invited to try their hands at a paper star or animal to decorate our stage. There are countless books to guide you and Ms. Barnicle will be in the library at lunch times to show the children (and family members). Teachers will have a few patterns to give to any interested children. All you need is a square of paper to start. This can be magazine pages, construction or craft paper, or wrapping paper. Please put your name and room number on your creations and bring them to school by December 14th. We will hang them around the stage for our performance and return them before the Winter Break. Thank you!

After School Sports
Due to the overwhelming response for After School Sports, I have decided to split sports into two days. I've had a total of 115 students sign up which is more than I can safely handle. Mondays will be the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. Tuesdays will be Kindergarten, first and second grades. The new schedule will start next week, Monday, November 29th. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at school (933-5350). Mr. Wilkie

Lost and Found
All Lost and Found items that are not picked up by December 17th will be packed up and donated to a homeless shelter. If your child is missing a coat, hat, backpack, etc. please have them check the closet in the front hall this week or next. Thank you.

Upcoming Events

December 3rd                    Room 16 Performance             1:45
December 16th                   Winter Program                  6:30
December 17th                   One Hour Early Dismissal for all students
December 18th - January 2nd     Winter Break - no school

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