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Parent Bulletin
December 9, 1999

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to inform you that we have hired a .5 Reading teacher. Glen Boyd will begin on January 3rd, 2000 teaching primary reading groups.

Also, I am happy to announce that we believe we have a source of the mildew odor and hopefully will have a mildew-free building upon our return on January 3rd.

I want to thank Room 16 for an excellent musical performance last Friday. I also want to congratulate all the Monthly Award winners from November who received their certificates.

I would like to replace the hallway furniture upstairs. Those of you who have seen it know why. If anyone has access to two sofas that could be used to replace our existing ones, please let the office know.

The Winter Program is next week. It is on Thursday, December 16th. This is a change from the original date on the school calendars given out in September. I will not be able to attend as my family and I made plans before that schedule change. Mr. Wilkie has graciously agreed to stand in for me.

Barry S. Dorsey

Cookie Dough
The Cookie Dough orders will be delivered on Tuesday, December 14th. If you ordered cookie dough please make plans to pick up your order on Tuesday. At this time we are planning to store the dough on the loading dock outside the kitchen to keep it chilled.

Lost and Found
Please look through the Lost and Found closet while you are at the Winter Program next Thursday. We will be bagging what is left in the closet on Friday, December 17th to donate to a homeless shelter. Thank you.

Flag Contest
Thank you to all the students who participated in the flag identification contest. There were three winners that correctly identified all 30 national flags. The winners are: Steve Camerena, Allison Clark and Erika Cross. They will be receiving their prizes soon.

Highly Capable Testing
Due to a scheduling conflict, there was not enough time to finish all the Highly Capable testing on Friday, December 3rd. The testing will be completed on Monday, December 13th for those students who were notified that they were going to be tested by the Highly Capable Office.

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