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Parent Bulletin
June 3, 1999

Dear Parents,

I am writing to ask your assistance in preparing your child for the next school year. Every student needs extra reading practice daily. The most effective way to become a better reader is to read, read, read. Studies show that students lose valuable reading skills over the summer.

I want to encourage you to take time this summer to find at least thirty minutes a day for reading practice. Have an older brother or sister practice with them. Make a cassette tape of some books and have your child read along for thirty minutes a day, or decide on a special time each day when you and your child can practice reading together.

The Arbor Heights School community is striving to make every child's elementary school experience as positive and productive as possible. We want to strengthen our partnership with parents by giving information on how to assist students to improve skills on various class and school assignments.

Arbor Heights is putting together a list of agencies that will be offering free tutoring in the West Seattle area. We will also have some materials that you can use to help your child be better prepared for next year. Please call me (933-5050) during regular office hours if you have any questions.

Good News: Arbor Heights, in conjunction with the Bon Marche', received an A+ Award from the Alliance of Education last week. I want to thank all the participants from the Bon Marche' and here at Arbor Heights for making this partnership so successful. A special Thank You to Lori Boyer for coordinating the Partnership activities.

Barry S. Dorsey

School Banking
The last day for school banking is Wednesday, June 9th. We wish to thank Teri Hudson, Tish Hesse and Duane Odegard for running the school banking program this year. Please watch for information at the beginning of the 99/00 school year for starting dates for next years banking program.

End of the Year Events
The last day of school is Monday, June 21st, school will be dismissed one hour early on that day. Wednesday, June 16th is Field Day. The End of the Year Awards Assembly will take place on Thursday, June 17th at 1:15 p.m. A small reception for our fifth graders will follow the assembly. Parents of fifth grade students are welcome to attend the assembly and reception, however the refreshments will be served to 5th grade students only.

Scrip made $425 for the month of May. Let's keep it going strong up until school closing. Thank you to Julie Gramm, Sally Norton, Layne Bautista, Teri Hudson and Karin Toycen for their energy in helping to keep the program running. Would you like to continue using SCRIP for your groceries through the summer? We have a volunteer to run the summer program IF we have enough interest to make it worth our time. Please contact Tish Hesse ASAP, leave a note in the office or email me at
I have some inventory to sell before summer. I would like to sell off as much of the non-grocery stock as possible. Now in stock: Godfather's Pizza, Husky Deli, Madison's Cafi, Pacific Bagel, Wendy's, Anthony's Homeport, Stuffed Potato, Charlestown Cafi, Azteca, Spiro's Pizza, Land's End, Red Lobster/Olive Garden and N.W. Art and Frame.
Good News! New merchants added to our National Scrip order list. Red Robin $10 gift certificates with an 11% discount. Mrs. Field's $5.00 at 20% discontinued. Loehman's $25 at 10% discount. And Planet Hollywood $10 at an 8% discount. You may write these items in until we get our new order forms next fall.
Don't forget SCRIP for Father's Day! You can order Sears or Home Depot for the guy that likes to work with his hands. See's for the Dad with a sweet tooth. Restaurants for a special dinner or brunch. Going for the traditional tie? Try the Bon or the Gap.

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