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Parent Bulletin
March 11, 1999

Puberty Night
Puberty Night was a great success. Thanks to all of the students, parents and staff for all their efforts. A special THANK YOU to Sapina Pele, our Family Support Worker, for organizing this very informational and fun evening.

Third and fifth grade students' are taking the ITBS tests this week. We ask you again to be sure your child is getting a good nights sleep and a nutritious breakfast to give them a good start on their day. See the back of this parent bulletin for example of an ITBS test question for 3rd graders.

Parent Survey
An important survey was sent home on Tuesday. If you have not returned it to school please do so as soon as possible.

Report Cards
Report Cards will be sent home on Monday, March 15th with every child. Please review these very important reports with your child. Ask them questions about their marks and have them self evaluate their progress. Self evaluation can be a very powerful tool. PLEASE sign the report card envelope and return to school on Tuesday. This indicates to us that you have seen your child's report card. If you have any questions, or would like to conference with a teacher please call us at 933-5350.

Visitors and substitutes to our building continue to comment on how pleasant it is to be in our school. They appreciate the smiling, helpful volunteers that are available to help them. Thank you to all for your efforts.

Thank You Seattle
Last Thursday books that were given to the schools in honor of Superintendent John Stanford arrived. We had a student representative from each class come to the library to unpack the books and place a bookplate in each one. It was very exciting . The children did a wonderful job. We have been previewing the books this week. Children have been reserving books they want to read. On Thursday we will start checking out the books. The entire Arbor Heights community would like to send a big thank you to the people of Seattle for their generous gifts in memory of Mr. Stanford. We received about 300 books, or about two years worth of books purchased from our regular budget. And they all came at one time, how exciting! On the bookplate there is a quite from Mr. Stanford: "The most important gift we can give our children is the gift of reading."

Congratulations to Arbor Heights Readers
Arbor Heights had three students who won reading contests for the month of February. Congratulations to Elizabeth, Kendall, and Aidan. Elizabeth and Kendall both correctly answered the Bon Marche Paige Turner book riddle. They both awarded a twenty-five dollar gift certificate from the Bon. Aidan was school winner and was chosen by drawing to be one of four winners from the entire city for the Seattle Sonics Read to Succeed Reading Program. He and his reading coach will be attending a Sonics game. Aidan will go out to the center of the court and be presented with a reading certificate by a Sonic player. Congratulations to our winners!

Notes from PTSA
It has been a very busy week for the PTSA in preparing for this Friday's Auction. Check in time for the Auction is 5:30, the first silent auction will close at 6:45, dinner will be at 7:00. Please follow the signs to the parking lot behind the hall, parking in the YMCA/Fauntleroy Church parking lot is prohibited. SCRIP news: Spring is on the way! Do you need goodies to fill your baskets? Check out the See's Spring Catalog or pick up a gift certificate - select your own assortment. Did you know 1 pound at the See's Store is $11.70, we still sell our gift certificate for $10.70!

Barry Dorsey

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