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Parent Bulletin
March 18, 1999

Ms. Bailey's Boombox was stolen from her classroom after school hours a few weeks ago. The Boombox is an important part of her education program. The machine has a combination CD Player, Dual Cassette player/recorder. The recorder has the capacity to record one tape to another and an AM/FM radio with a microphone jack. The machine also has the capacity to isolate tracks. As you can tell this is an expensive piece of equipment, if you have any idea who has it or you know someone that can donate a replacement please call the school office at 933-5350.

The Auction!
Thank you to the parents of the Arbor Heights community for their attendance and generous contributions at the PTA Sponsored Auction. The students and staff of Arbor Heights appreciate the time and effort put into this successful event. The ability to fund enrichment programs such as assemblies, field trips, etc. are made possible through fund raisers such as the Auction. We send our special thanks to Joyce Horvath, Terry McDermott, Lori Boyer, Suzie Califano, Roxanne Thomas and D. Selk for sacrificing their days, evenings and weekends for the last few months to make this evening not only successful monetarily but in providing a lot of fun for everyone that was able to attend.

Homework Tips
The following suggestions are meant to help parents support their child's studying:

  • Provide a regular time for homework. Short periods of concentration are better than long periods of messing around." You and your child can decide together about the best time. After dinner and before television is often a good time. Consistency is the key.
  • Provide a place for students to work with minimal distractions and needed materials (paper, pencil, ruler, dictionary, etc.). This can be as simple as the kitchen table with a box for school supplies.
  • Reward children for doing their job. This can be praise, watching television, playing a game with you, etc. Remember, they get tired too, and learning is not always easy.
  • Stop when children get frustrated. The most important thing is to make learning and school work a positive experience.
Again, communicate concerns/questions to your child's teacher. Most parents feel uncomfortable doing this, but teachers are not mind readers, and they truly welcome your feedback.

Thank you for helping be a partner with us in your child's education!

Barry Dorsey

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