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Parent Bulletin
April 24, 1997

Reading Challenge
The students at Arbor Heights need to read 2,000 books by next Wednesday if they want to win my annual Principal Reading Challenge. To date they have read 701 books. If they meet the goal I will perform a RAP at our assembly on May 8th. Encourage your kids to read and return the reading forms.

The Carnival
Our Carnival was a huge success this year. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and it was great to have so many parents and staff involved in the event. If you donated any of your time - THANK YOU. A special thanks to Tish Hesse for coordinating the event.

Paige Turner
The Bon Marche', our PIPE partner, is sponsoring a fun reading contest called Paige Turner. Watch for details in every Saturday edition of the Seattle Times. Information will be on the "My Words" page.

Carpet Crusade
There are several areas in our school building that need new carpeting. We do not have funding for the replacement project and we need your help. We would like to focus on donations of new or "almost like new" carpet from construction or carpet businesses. If you have a "carpet connection", please call Debbie Kerns at 937-6709 or Mr. Leatherman at 933-5350. Thank you.
Debbie Kerns

Gatewood Carnival
Gatewood Elementary, a neighboring school located at 4320 S.W. Myrtle, is having their first annual Carnival on Friday, May 2nd from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. They want you to know that you are invited.

Carl Leatherman

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