From the Principal

Weekly notes from Arbor Heights Elementary School
3701 SW 104TH
SEATTLE, WA. 98146

December 3, 1996

Science Workshop - Wednesday Night

Attached to this form is a paper that explains the details of a Science Awareness Workshop that we will be having here at Arbor Heights tomorrow night. At this meeting you will have a chance to learn more about the new science curriculum our teachers will be using. The meeting will be held in the lunchroom from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. Child care will be available. Please return the tear-off on the bottom of the information sheet if you haven't responded already. Thanks.

Can You Help With Decorations?

Our Winter Program is scheduled for Wednesday, December 18th. Next week you will receive details concerning the event, but right now we are looking for two or three people to help out with decorations. If you'd be willing to do this please let me know (281-6230). Thanks.

Reading Reminder

Last month we sent home "reading calendars" with the children. I hope you are using them with your family. Be sure to return them when your child has earned a free book.

Lending Library

As you walk through the main entrance of our school you will see Lori Boyer's desk on your right. Lori is our Parent Volunteer Coordinator and she also oversees a lending library of resources for parents. Over 60 items have been checked out so far this year and there are many great items that you can use to help your child with the 3 R's at home. Check it out the next time you come to school.


Some of our kids have been coming to school without coats. It's been very cold on some mornings and we don't allow kids on the playground at recess without a coat if the temperature is low. Please send them to school each day with a jacket during the winter months. Thank you.


West Seattle has a new rollerblading facility called the Seattle In-Line Arena. It is located at 3800 W. Marginal Way S.W. They have family skating times, youth hockey programs, etc. Call 937-2966 if you are interested in details.

Regular Schedule

Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 4th we return to our regular school schedule. Thank you for your patience with changes in our conference schedule which were made necessary by the snow.

Carl Leatherman

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