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Weekly notes from Arbor Heights Elementary School
3701 SW 104TH
SEATTLE, WA. 98146

January 28, 1997

No School on Friday

The Seattle Public Schools will be closed on Friday, January 31st. It is the day between semesters. Report cards for the 2nd quarter of school will be sent home on Friday, February 7th.

Sex Offender Meeting

Several sex offenders have recently been released from custody into the southern half of West Seattle. On Thursday, January 30th, at 7:00 p.m. The Seattle Police Department will hold a community meeting at our school to provide information to residents of West Seattle. The program will cover a number of topics designed to help citizens protect themselves and their children. The program may be inappropriate for children under 12, but we will have child care available in our gymnasium.

Middle School Orientation

The principals, or their representatives, from Denny, Madison and South Shore Middle Schools will be here on Wednesday, February 5th, to talk about their programs. Even if your child is not currently in 5th grade, you may want to attend to see what the schools have to offer. It should be a very worthwhile evening for those of you with 5th graders.

Safety Concerns

1. Don't drive your car onto the school grounds when dropping your child(ren) off in the morning. If you're not parking, you may drop kids off in the bus zone, but you can't leave your car unattended.
2. Obey the speed limit in front of our school.
3. Use our safety patrols and don't jay-walk.
Thank you.

Requests from the Office

1. If you move or change work locations please provide us with accurate addresses and phone numbers. In case of an emergency we want to be able to reach you.
2. Call the school to let us know if your child will be absent. If you call before 7:30 a.m. our voice mail is available to you. While I'm on that topic, we need to have a reason for a child's absence if it is to be excused. If you say your child is "home", the absence is unexcused. This is a state ruling.

A Science Activity

Have you ever noticed that sometimes raindrops stick to windows and sometimes they slide down? Why do they act in different ways? For some clues, try bringing the rain inside with this activity. Tape a piece of waxed paper to a cookie sheet or a big book. Tilt them to make a very gentle slope. Place a drop of water at one end of the waxed paper. (An old medicine dropper or a toothpick works will for making drops.) Does it stick or slide? Keep adding drops to the first drop until the drop slides. How many drops can you add? Try different slopes and see if that changes the way the drops act. For more explorations, try different surfaces for sliding like paper or plastic wrap, or different liquids like vegetable oil, syrup or liquid soap.

Carl Leatherman

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