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Weekly notes from Arbor Heights Elementary School
3701 SW 104TH
SEATTLE, WA. 98146

November 7, 1996

PTA Meeting Tonight

Our PTA will hold its November meeting tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the lunchroom. Those who attend will have a chance to learn more about our new science program and they will also have an opportunity to help decide how to spend $5,000 of our PTA funds. (You must be a PTA member to participate in the latter activity.)

AT&T Program

If you are an AT&T customer you can help our school by simply making one phone call. Just call l-800-354-8800. You will be asked a few simple questions (name, phone number, etc.). When they ask you our school registration number it is 0l480775. Once you register, our school receives Learning Points for each long distance call you make from then on. There is no cost to you, and if enough people participate (tell your friends) our school can earn some wonderful items. Veteran's Day The Seattle Schools will be closed on Monday, November llth in observance of Veteran's Day. We will be having a Veteran's Day assembly tomorrow (Friday) at 9:30. Please join us if you're free.

Tutor Training

Whether you are just starting out as a tutor or have been at it for years, The Seattle Tutoring Coalition's All-City Tutor Training is a great opportunity to build your skills as a tutor. This free training event is structured to allow you to pick and choose from a variety of seminars that best suit your tutoring needs at this time.

If you would be interested in taking this training session, it will be offered on Tuesday, November l9, from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Call Lori Boyer (28l-6230) here at school for more information.


Registration for the l997 ski season is now underway. This is Ski-Attle's 60th year of teaching the students of Seattle Schools how to ski. They offer a fully supervised ski program for children ages seven to twelve. It includes four hours of instruction each week. This season they are offering this program both on Saturday and Sunday. You can obtain registration information from our school office or by calling 632-6406.

Volunteer Hours

In the month of October we had 207 volunteers working at our school and they put in ll52 hours! WOW and Thank You!! Sincerely,
Carl Leatherman
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