Peregrine Falcon Slideshow


The following 36 pictures were taken by the Xcel Energy King Plant Bird Cam, from May 6, 1998 to June 9, 1998. This simple slideshow documents the development of Smoke and Prescott, two peregrine falcons (and their mother Mae), from just out of the egg to flapping their wings as they get ready to fledge. They were hatched on the smokestack of a power plant in Minnesota and are part of an effort to restore  peregrine falcons to the upper Mississippi River. Thanks to the people at the Raptor Resource Project for allowing Room 12 to name Smoke! So sit back, relax, and watch two peregrine falcons grow up!

(March 28, 2004 update: Birdcam watchers have been terribly saddened by the recent death of Mae.  This page is dedicated to her memory, with many thanks for the appreciation of all things strong, beautiful, and tender that she brought to many of us.)


Click on Smoke and Prescott to start the show!

 Notes on the show:

There are 36 pictures.
No special software is required.
The show takes about seven minutes.
Pictures cycle on every 10 seconds.
Click on "Next" to go on manually. 
The slideshow ends back at this page.

Slideshow put together by teacher Mark Ahlness.
Images used with permission.

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