Louis Schmier is a Professor of History at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. He is an inspirational teacher and philosopher. His Random Thoughts have been appearing on the Internet in educational listservs since April of 1993. Although he teaches at a University, his comments about teaching, his students, and life in general apply to all levels of education. Read a couple of the "favorites" below, or browse through over 600 in The Complete Random Thoughts. Be prepared to laugh, cry, become outraged, and get inspired.

Please check out Louis' new blog, at therandomthoughts.edublogs.org! It has (will have, by August 3, 2007) the complete archive of all his Random Thoughts, going back to 1993! Subscribe to the rss feed there, and never miss another Random Thought.

The Complete Random Thoughts

A few classic favorites:
To Be a Teacher - June 23, 1994
What it takes to be a teacher.
Melinda - December 11, 1993
A powerful classroom experience.
Blueberries - September 14, 1993
Rock climbing, blueberries, focus, and caring.
Teaching and Caring - July 5, 1994
Incredible student struggles and the real task faced by teachers.
The Classroom Is Not A Factory - March 9, 1996
"our MISSION as educators" - the story of Lenny.

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