Arbor Heights, April, 1997 - VOL 8, ISSUE 5

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Betsy Forbes, Treasurer - 938-8607
Tish Hesse, Fund-raising Coordinator - 932-1776
Holly Guenther, Student Activities - 935-2048
Lynn Moy, Public Relations - 935-9015
Laura Flannigan, Administrative Coord. - 431-8654
Jean Robinson, Academic Support - 439-9735
Gail Ballard, Newsletter Editor - 938-0712
Carl Leatherman, Principal
Dave Wilkie, Don Dorr, Carol Long - Staff Reps 


The children of Arbor Heights Elementary met the Principals Reading Challenge and read a grand total of 2535 books during the month of April. And a deal is a deal, so Mr. Leatherman (also known as MISTER L-Man in rap circles) will write & perform a rap song scheduled for May 8th @11:10am. Last year Mr. Leatherman spent the day reading on the roof when the kids of AH met the Principals Reading Challenge head on for the first time. This is the kids 2nd successful year in a row!!
Mr. Leatherman has shown us many sides in his 2 years as our principal - Superman (sometimes we think he really is), a hippie at the 70's Groove, a good ole country western boy & of course, an ever busy principal in a tie! Don't miss the show on May 8th when Mr. Leatherman becomes MISTER L-Man and struts his rhythm & rap! Rumor has it he might be riding his motorcycle on the stage!! Come & see - this is something you don't want to miss!

Y.A.C. is BACK-MAY 22
By Ms. Napolitan

The Young Authors' Conference (Y.A.C.) will be on Thursday, May 22nd. This is our first conference with an author who writes novels, or as the kids would say "chapter books." The author will speak to our 2nd - 5th graders, with a storyteller, Betty Kopit sharing with our kindergartners & 1st graders. Our author, Peg Kehret is a well known writer who has won honors for her many books. She is an expert at suspense.
Peg Kehret is a local author who is nationally known. You will see that local flavor in many of her books. For example, Terror at the Zoo is set in the Woodland Park Zoo. It's the first book of three that have the same characters, Ellen and her younger brother, Corey. A few years ago that book was the winner of the Young Reader's Choice Award. The second book in this series is called Horror at the Haunted House and this book takes place in a historical museum. The third book is on next years Young Reader's Choice nominated list of best books: Danger at the Fair. It takes place at the Monroe County Fair where Corey tries to catch a pickpocket.
In addition Ms. Kehret has written another series called "Frightmares.'" The writing and the stories are more sophisticated, and developed than the "Goosebumps' series. There are eight books in this series and all have the same main characters. Rosie, a bookish girl and her best friend Kayo, whose favorite past time is baseball. In each of the "Frightmares" books the girls find themselves in a different adventure.
Even though most of her books are suspenseful, Peg Kehret shows her depth as a writer by writing other types of books too. Her book, The Richest Kids in Town is a humorous story about a young boy whose schemes to earn money keep backfiring. Cages is a serious book that deals with a girl who shoplifts and is caught. Cages does an excellent job of describing feelings and young people in grades 5 & up would both enjoy it and learn from reading it.
Saving the best for last is Peg Kehret's autobiogrqaphical book: Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio; it is one of the best books I have ever read. She said in the book that when she visited schools she shared with kids her experience of having polio. When she was twelve she was completely paralyzed. The children urged her to write about it. She has, and the result is a moving, wonderful story of courage and humor that is a pleasure for any reader, any age. Many of our teachers have read the story to their classes. I highly recommend Small Steps. It's a gem.
It has been fun getting ready for the conference by sharing Ms. Kehret's books with our children. We are looking forward to her visit. Included in this newsletter is an order form should you wish to purchase any Peg Kehret books. Orders & checks/money are due back to me, Ms. Napolitan by Thursday, May 8th.

If you would like to help out with this year's conference, just stop by the library or drop me a note. If you would like to attend any part of the conference the schedule is listed below:


The PTSA congratulates the 6 talented artists whose work will be displayed on the annual Young Author's Conference (Y.A.C.) t-shirts. The artwork was chosen in a secret vote by every student in the school.
This year the t-shirts will be red. The shirts are a bargain at $4. The PTSA will again make sure that each child gets one. Though orders were due by April 28th, it's never too late to pay your $4 or send in additional scholarship donations to help pay for those students who are unable to do so.
The PTSA is again fortunate to have the assistance & generosity of High Winds Silk Screening. Owners Guy & Bonnie Gust have helped us each year with this project, with the help of Kim Amsden.
The shirts will be delivered to the students on the day of the Conference, May 22nd. Look for their display of excitement for writing when the playground becomes a sea of red!


STUDENT'S NAME________________________________________
TEACHER'S NAME______________________________RM#______

Puberty Night for all 5th graders was last night! For those of you who don't know what Puberty Night is - it's a dinner/workshop for 5th graders & their families. It is given in honor of AH 5th graders growing up & leaving elementary school shortly. Over 200 people showed up!
At Puberty Night everyone viewed a short video about the physical development of children at this age and what to expect. Gift packs of hygiene items were given to each participant. A wonderful dinner was served & there was even a drawing for prizes! Thanks to Home Depot, Michael's, Burlington Northern, Fred Meyers, Bon Marche, Bartells & Dr. James Dunham of the West Seattle Dental Clinic for all their kind and generous donations to Puberty Night.

As some of you know, I went to Orlando, Florida to Disney World for spring vacation. While I was there I observed 2 things besides my granddaughters blue hair!
First it doesn't matter what country you come from, we are all junk food junkies. I watched and participated in eating tons of it myself, so back on the healthy food I go. The second thing I observed was no matter what language you speak, a tired, cranky mom & child sound the same, and when you hear 40,000 at once, it is a sound you never forget.
At Epicot Center they have a place called Healthy Eating Restaurant. They grow most of the wheat, veggies and fruits served there at Epicot. Having spent 5 days making bad choices and standing in lines with 20 or more people, I spotted this place to eat. Guess what, not one person was in line. I had a deli sandwich, salad, and a strawberry smoothy. To my surprise, it tasted as good as any of the greasy junk food I'd ate before. They also had raspberry non fat cheesecake to "die for." I hope you all had as nice a vacation as I did. I also hope you didn't gain 7 pounds like I did.

I would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to Debbie Kerns (current Kindergarten mom) for agreeing to coordinate popcorn this coming fall. I also apologize to all the kids that had to do without popcorn, we experienced a temporary supply shortage. - Debbie Taylor, Retiring Popcorn Lady

The PREZ SEZ.....
HI! Here it is May already - before you know it, it will be June and the end of the school year. This year has really passed us by quickly.
I hope you all had a chance to look at the butterflies in the showcase. We tried to put every volunteers name on those critters. Just our way to show how much you are all appreciated for every thing you do at school!
The PTSA board is in search of this years "Golden Acorn" recipient. If you know of a person who has really made a difference, please write me a note and put it in my box at school. The award winner must be a PTSA member!
The expertise of our Fund-raiser Chair has been incredible this year. Tish, you are a great asset to Arbor Heights. Thanks!
Don't forget the Young Author's's Conference on May 22nd. The children work very hard on their books and it is an exciting day for AH kids. I hope you all get a chance to come and check out their creations! Don't forget the Ice Cream Social that night too!
Once again, I thank all of you who have taken part in making Arbor Heights a great place for our children. That's all for now - Terry

Arbor Heights NEW PHONE #933-5350

    1       Puberty Night- 5th grade-6-7:30pm  
    5-9   Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week
    6      Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day
    8      FREE Measles shot for 5th graders@ 9:30     
    8      MISTER L-man RAPS @ 11:10am    
    8     Order Forms due for Peg Kehret books
    8     PTSA Meeting @ 7:00pm
   11    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!                           
   13    Seattle Symphony Workshop
   16    Hard Hat Hero Assembly
   21   Storyteller Betty Kopit Assembly
          Ice Cream Social @ 6:00 - 7:30pm
   26   Memorial Day - No School!

The Arbor Heights Chess Club continues to meet on Thursday after school. We have about 30 members who attend regularly. We have been learning about castling, getting out of check, and opening moves. A favorite activity for the group (besides playing chess) is to figure out the chess puzzles Mr. Wilkie gives them.
Mr. Wilkie also remains busy on Mondays with the usual large crowd who attend after school sports. No new news - the kids continue to play, play play!!!

Washington state law states: Children entering the sixth grade MUST have evidence of two doses of measles vaccine , received at or after one year of age unless there is laboratory proof of past measles infection. In other words, ALL students entering the 6th grade in September are required to have the second measles vaccine!
A measles clinic will be offered on May 8, 1997 @ 9:30 am at Arbor Heights. Forms were sent home with your 5th grader a couple weeks ago - if you still need one please call Joyce Ito (Nurse) at Arbor Heights to get another one. A donation from the following list of food items is requested for the Emergency Feeding Program, if possible. They can be brought in anytime now or on the day of the shot! Please bring peanut butter (18-oz plastic jar), canned vegetables or fruit, beef stew, canned tuna, canned spam, canned milk, vienna sausages, macaroni & cheese, tomato or pineapple juice. THANKS!


WANTED: A few hard-working mothers (or fathers)
If you would like to work part time, the same hours your children are in school, have the same days off AND get paid for it; Contact Food Service. We need subs for many schools. Hours vary from 1 to 5 hours each day. If you are busy and don't want to work when Food Service calls, you don't have to. The number to call for information is 298-7675.

Do you have a 1/2 hour once or twice a week? From 1:00 - 1:30, one of our 5th grade classes has silent reading. Several kids would love to have a reading "BUDDY." Call Lori Boyer @ 933-5350 if interested or stop by her desk in the AH foyer.

Another ongoing need is for TUTORS for individual students. If you are interested, please call Lori Boyer @ 933-5350 or stop by her desk in the foyer.

PACK 799
Once again Pack 799 has broken all records in the annual Scouting For Food Drive. They were able to collect over 7,000 cans of food which was donated to a local food bank. Last years record was around 4,000 (also set by Pack 799) and this year they practically doubled it!! Way to go, scouts!

There are several areas in our school building that need new carpeting. Arbor Heights does not have funding for carpet replacement, and we need your help. We would like to focus on donations of new or "gently used" carpeting from construction or carpet businesses. If you have a "carpet connection," please call Debbie Kerns @ 937-6709.

"I lost 7-lbs. and 10-1/2 inches in 7 days!" To achieve your weightloss goals call: (206) 517-7789

Our PIPE Partner, the Bon Marche has donated $15,000 to pay for the Arbor Heights wiring upgrade project. This project involves wiring all the rooms on the second floor for Internet access and the library. Microsoft has donated a coordinator/designer who is currently working on the actual logistics of what goes where to make the entire 2nd floor and the library Internet accessible. It is being decided if the wiring of the rooms below the 2nd floor is feasible at the same time - bottom line Arbor Heights will have between 6 to 12 new rooms with Internet access by June 30, 1997. Plans are being discussed to possibly move the 4th grade classrooms up with the 5th graders who currently reside upstairs. Once the design work is completed, a call for volunteers will go out. Help is needed with the actual grunt work of wiring. You do not need to be an expert by any means - if you can handle a screw driver and a hammer (or at least know the difference between the two) you can handle the work that needs your help! Watch in future newsletters for information and Mr. Leatherman's parent bulletins.

Connect up to the Arbor Heights World Wide Web site! The school web site just passed 50,000 visitors in the last year and a half! Visit it at:
Parents - Do you have an Internet email address? Would you like to have it listed on our "Parents on the Internet" page of our World Wide Web site? Contact Mr. Ahlness at school, or send a message to: - you could get email from people all over the world!
Our fax machine is located in our computer lab. The number is 281-6618. Thank you, Microsoft!
The computer lab continues to be open Tuesdays from 4-7pm and on Thursdays from 6-9pm. In case you were not aware these are NEW hours - it enables everyone an opportunity to play/work on the computers! Many thanks to the PTSA for the funding to have the lab open at those times! And thank you to Mr. Wilkie & Mr. Ahlness for supervising the computer lab in the evening. Stop in and check out some neat software titles, surf the web and lots more!
Parent Bulletin Now On-Line! You can get Mr. Leatherman's bulletins delivered to your desktop via email. You can receive the parents bulletins before your child brings them home from school. Call the office or email Mark Ahlness at:
3 copies of Bill Gates book "The Road Ahead" have been donated by Microsoft & are available in the AH Library. Arbor Heights is mentioned on page 201 - Check it out!!


Arbor Heights hosted the Earth Day Groceries project on the Internet again this year. This is the fourth year for the Internet project. It entails getting paper bags from a grocery store, the kids decorate them with Earth Day slogans & pictures and give them back to the store to be used on April 22nd, Earth Day. The idea for the Earth Day Groceries Project began with a science instructor here in good old Seattle. In 1993, Mark Ahlness, a third grade teacher at our very own Arbor Heights, began expanding the project via the Internet. If you have access to the Internet, check out the Earth Day Groceries site:
Along with detailed directions for getting involved, you'll find short reports from schools and clubs telling how many bags they decorated & the name of the store donating the bags. Over 300 schools decorated nearly 100,000 Earth Day Grocery Bags. Thank you to Mark Ahlness for coordinating this ever growing project and thank you to Safeway at Roxbury & 35th for their kind donations of bags enabling Arbor Heights Elementary to participate in this project.
This year the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest & Paper Association distributed colorful flyers nationwide explaining the Earth Day project and mentioning Mr. Ahlness's part in it. They also used Earth Day bags from Arbor Heights & other schools around the United States in their display at the National Grocers Association Convention in Houston, Texas.

Four teachers from Arbor Heights have been accepted into the "Learning Space." Chad Pharis, Sandra Haas, Dene Napolitan and Penny Hughes will be going to a three day training conference in Kent this summer. They will receive laptop computers and training in using telecommunications in the classroom. This is possible because of a statewide grant written by WEA (WA Education Association) & OSPI. US West awarded the $1.6 million grant to put laptop computers in the hands of Washington educators. Mr. Ahlness is already a part of the program. 570 teachers from Washington are in the program and five are from Arbor Heights. Congratulations to them! Check it out-

Soon, a poster with ALL the signatures of Arbor Heights students will be sent to Cape Canaveral. The poster will then be blasted up into space on a space shuttle, authenticated and returned to Arbor Heights to be framed & hung in the school. At this point, details will be forthcoming as to what shuttle it is going up on and when...Mark Ahlness is directly responsible for getting this project off the ground (so to speak)...we are wondering when Mark will expand the World Wide Web to the moon or possibly another planet.....

"The Trial of Alice in Wonderland" will be presented by Ms. Sato's, Room 7 fourth graders. Lynn Moy has agreed to do the sets for the show. If you would like to help Lynn with the sets or help in costuming (birds, flowers, cards that march, characters) please contact Ms. Sato or Ms. Bailey at school. The show will be at 9:50 am on Thursday, June 12th.

Arbor Heights 4th & 5th grade instrumental students, together with students from Leschi, Whitworth, Brighton & Dunlap performed a wonderful musical concert on April 9th. All of the students from the various schools only had ONE rehearsal together on the morning of the concert. The songs they performed were great! Under the direction of Mr. Charles Holmes, the students played jazzy renditions of familiar tunes. All of the Arbor Heights parents in attendance agreed it was the best concert yet! Congratulations, Mr. Holmes!

The second annual Arbor Heights Talent Show was held April 11th. The theme of this years show was "Rock Around The Clock." The show started with a rollerblading routine to the aforementioned song and ended with Mr. Leatherman's Amazing Trick. The kids had fun, and it was a great way to begin our Spring Break. Start planning for next years Talent Show!

On April 3rd, in front of the whole school, the students of Room 16, under the direction of Ms. Bailey & Mr. Femiano, sang and acted their way through the story of The Three Little Pigs. Most of the actors & actresses really enjoyed being on stage, but a few later confessed that "it was scary in front of all those people." The class was encouraged by so many positive comments that they are taking the show "on the road." On May 7th, they will be performing at Alki Elementary at 10:00 am and then onto the Senior Center for a performance at 11:45. We wish to thank the Post Family particularly, and all the parents for their help in costumes & set decorations and the great cast party afterwards!

Thank you to Matt Storey (Kendall Storey's dad) for stepping up & agreeing to head up the committee on playground equipment - remember back in November PTSA members voted to spend $2500 on playground equipment? Well, Matt has really taken the ball and run with it (literally!) ... A grant request for $20,000 for playground equipment has been submitted! The proposal was a joint request from the PTSA and the YMCA - as the grant monies are connected to enhancing before & after school programming. We should have some word of status on the request within 30 to 40 days. In the meantime plans are being prepared for short term/long term and with grant money and without.

PTSA MEETING - Thursday, MAY 8th @ 7:00pm.
This is a very important meeting - we elect PTSA officers for the 1997-98 school year! Please think about volunteering for a PTSA position - as of now no one has volunteered for VP, Treasurer, Student Activities Chair, Public Relations Chair, Administrative Chair & Academic Support!! Call Terry McDermott @ 932-6314 if you are interested in knowing more!

The teachers & staff at Arbor Heights were asked if they desperately needed/wanted anything for their classroom in order to make their job just a little are the requests...if you can help in ANYWAY, no matter how big or small, please send the item to the school office or the teachers room.

Ms. Sato - Room 7

Ms. Crichton - Room 21 Joyce Ito, Nurse Ms. Long - Room 15 Ms. Macri-Drum & Ms. Stroh - Kindergarten Ms. Marckx - Room 14

CARNIVAL MAKES.........$2510
They came, they laughed, they dunked, they had fun. The Carnival was an overall success! The Water Wilkie Dunk Dorr battle raged on all night, children played games, bounced in the moonwalk, ate cotton candy & sang Karaoke with Donna Marie. Their parents just simply hoped to win the Sonics tickets in the raffle! The raffle alone made $1072 & the Silent Auction brought in $463 for a total of $1535 in sales on all the wonderful items donated by the many generous businesses & individuals. Bavarian Meats, Papa Murphy's & Safeway Roxbury donated the hotdogs, pizza & pop for the night. The 1997 Carnival is over, but pictures are worth a thousand words.

The Carnival netted a grand total of $2510 in profit. It would not have been possible without all the parent, staff & student volunteers. My thanks to all of you that gave your time & energy to make the Carnival the success it was. There are too many to list, but I must acknowledge these few:

It takes the effort of MANY volunteers to make it happen. THANKS-Tish Hesse, Fundraiser Chair

AND the winners of the Decorate-a-Cake Contest for the Carnival were:


What I did over Spring Break is I went over to my grandma and grandpa's house and rode my bike all day. Then the next day I rode down to the Admiral Theatre to see what was playing and I ended up seeing Dante's Peak and then went back home and rode my bike again. For the rest of Spring Break I rode my bike.
By Zach, Rm 25 - Ms. Haas, 5th Grade

Over spring break, I was very busy. I spent alot of time outside from Lincoln park to the Pike Place Market. I shot some hoops and did some hanging out. Also I went to the mall & did some shopping & had Glamour Shots taken. I spent alot of time with my Grandma & Papa. It was an awesome spring break.
By Amanda, Rm 9-Ms. Salter, 3rd Grade

What I did on Spring Vacation was I went skiing for five days in Canada. I was skiing at Whistler Mountain and Black Comb Mountain. I also stayed home for four days and played.
By Hilary, Rm. 12 - Mr. Ahlness, 3rd Grade

On Monday of my vacation , I went to the Flight Museum. On Tuesday, I went to the orthodontist and got some gooey stuff in my mouth. When it hardens it feels rubbery and when it's wet it feels like frosting. Wednesday, I went to NW Trek with my cousins, sister, Dad & Mom. Thursday we went to my cousins cabin & got oysters at Hood Canal. Friday we stayed home.
By Taylor, Rm 19 - Ms.Ballard, 1st Grade

During Spring Break I got to go to my cousin's house. I just got a new frog. Now I have three frogs. My new frog can stick to anything.
By Giang, Rm 21-Ms.Crichton, 5th Grade

I started out in Washington. We woke up and drove to Oregon. We then drove to Reno, Neveda. We stayed at Circus Circus for two nights. Then we went to San Fransisco in California. We stayed there for three nights. Then we drove to Oregon. We stayed at a very little hotel room. Then we drove home. I am so glad to be back!
By Wendy, Rm. 7 -Ms. Sato, 4th Grade

On Friday of Spring Break, I stayed up and played at my Dad's house. On Saturday I beat the game. Sunday was a rest day, I went outside. Monday I spent the night at my friends house. Tuesday I played with my baby Jordan. Wednesday was the same. Thursday I went to my Dad's again and caught a frog. Friday I went back to Green Lake and went to the island.
By Anthony, Rm 8-Mr. Swan, 4th Grade

I went to a tulip town in LaConner. It was fun because we went with friends. The one I liked best was a merry widow. Also I went to play baseball.
By Dustin, Rm 21 - Ms. Crichton, 5th Grade

My family & I went to Ocean Shores for Spring Break. We went swimming & flew a kite on the beach. I went to my cousin's house right after that. We went biking, we bought candy and we swung on her swing set.
By Eileen, Rm 7-Ms.Sato, 4th Grade

Count the correct number of books in this newsletter, be the first to take your count to the office & win a FREE pepperoni! This is in honor of Arbor Heights kids reading 2535 books in the month of April! They get to watch MISTER L-Man rap!!

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