Arbor Heights, March, 1997 - VOL 8, ISSUE 4

Published monthly by Arbor Heights PTSA 6.15.35.
Current members: 145
Arbor Heights Elementary School
3704 SW 104th • Seattle, WA • 98146 • 281-6230
Terry McDermott, President - 932-6314
Lori Boyer, Vice-President - 932-2245
Kristin Jensen-Storey, Secretary - 433-7707
Betsy Forbes, Treasurer - 938-8607
Tish Hesse, Fund-raising Coordinator - 932-1776
Holly Guenther, Student Activities - 935-2048
Lynn Moy, Public Relations - 935-9015
Laura Flannigan, Administrative Coord. - 431-8654
Jean Robinson, Academic Support - 439-9735
Gail Ballard, Newsletter Editor - 938-0712
Carl Leatherman, Principal
Dave Wilkie, Don Dorr, Carol Long - Staff Reps 

Carnival is coming! Friday, April 4th - 5:30 to 8:30 pm.The carnival marks the return of the DUNK DORR WATER WILKIE WAR! YES! Mr. Dorr is making a guest appearance with Mr. Wilkie in the dunk tank. Kids, this is your chance to dunk some of your favorite teachers, & receive a certificate marking the occasion as well. Ms. Long, are you making a repeat performance & representing the women+s faction? We hope so!
Plan on bringing your family, friends & neighbors! It's FREE to get in and each game is only 25 cents. There will be many carnival games, moon walk, hoop shoot, the ever popular cake walk, featuring cakes decorated by AH students & more! Of course, there will be food - pizza, pop, hot dogs, popcorn and a bake sale! Also included will be face painting & even an adult AND a student raffle this year! Many of the prizes have been donated by local businesses. Rumor has it Mr. Femiano has donated the Science Fair Hovercraft (that thing you rode in the hall) to the Raffle. What a great prize!
Your help is needed to make this the best Carnival ever! Thanks to all of you who have already volunteered, we still need many more!! Run a game, sell tickets, paint faces, serve pizza, what's your wish? How about a turn in the dunk tank? Two shifts are available, 5:15 - 7:00 and 6:45 - 8:30 pm. Call Tish Hesse 932-1776 or sign up in the school lobby.

As you all know by now, the computer is in and working great. I've been waiting 2 years for the privilege of having this time saver .(the bosses words, not mine) Lo & behold, it is a time saver as well as fun. My only regret is hearing "Thank you" and "Please wait" 270 times a day. The only problem we have and it is small are kids who forget their number or transpose the numbers and use other students accounts.
Theresa M. is the winner of The Name the Lunchroom Contest. She won the contest with Kid's Kafe. There were 7 entries with that name alone, but only Theresa spelled Kafe with a K. She won $5!

The surprise guest "flipper" for the Pancake Breakfast remains hidden behind Mr. Wilkie's spatula. Eventually we discovered his true identity - Mr. Don Dorr, everyone's favorite former teacher at AH!
Thank you to all volunteers for making our annual Pancake Breakfast a fun filled event. Mr. Wilkie, Bonnie, and our surprise guest "flipper" Mr. Dorr, sure made a great cooking team! Approximately 200 people came through the door to partake in this culinary delight - a big thanks goes to each and everyone of you for your support!
-Vickie Viloudaki, Pancake B'fast Coord

POPCORN COORDINATOR. Starting Fall 1997. No experience necessary. Position entails coordinating volunteers to pop & sell corn as well as inventorying & ordering supplies each month. The children of AH look forward to their popcorn each Friday. Please consider filling this position for their benefit. For additional information or questions please call me, Debbie Taylor, The Popcorn Lady, today at 938-1962. Thank you!

This year our students are helping to choose 2 award books. The kids in 4th & 5th are voting on novels to select "The Young Readers Choice Award." (ARECA) The YRCA winner for AH was a tie-Three Terrible Trins & Nasty Stinky Sneakers.
Here is a list of the previous winners for The Young Readers Choice Award:

Puberty Night for all the 5th grades will be May 1st this year. Mark your calendar. It looks like it's going to be another great evening of learning for both parents & students. We will have a dinner then the educational sharing and finish with dessert.

Kori & I would like to thank everyone who has helped make these last few months much easier for the both of us. Kori was diagnosed with Leukemia in December.
The support we have received from Arbor Heights was incredible. The teachers & administration did a wonderful job preparing for her return in January, she felt a great deal of support. She has had so many other issues to deal with, that school truly became her comfort zone.
I would also like to thank Emilia Macri-Drum, for her help and support. Emilia put together many many projects to help keep Kori busy. This also kept her mind busy, so she didnÕt focus quite so much on her illness. Most importantly because of her efforts, Kori felt like she was still a part of her class.
Thank you to those of you who donated money. Your support helped to relieve some of the financial stress.
Terry McDermott helped to brighten our holidays, by calling Santa and having him pay a special visit to our house. Thank you, Terry.
Last but not least, to all of the kids & parents who phoned and sent cards. I cannot begin to tell you how much those calls of support helped. The pictures & cards your children sent, brightened KoriÕs day more than you can imagine.
Kori & I have made a lot of good friends through all this. Thank you all very much. We are proud to be a part of Arbor Heights Elementary.
Peggy & Kori B.

The PREZ SEZ.....
It's that time of year again when everything starts to calm down. It is almost hard to believe that another school year has gone by. These last 2 years have really been an experience. I have enjoyed being PTSA President, but it is time to give someone else the reins. During the last 2 years, I have encountered many challenges, some good & a few questionable moments (which we don't count.) I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of the staff and have gotten to know many of the parents that normally I would have never met. Arbor Heights has not only a GREAT staff, but the most fantastic group of parents. Parents that care make all the difference in the world. It will be a difficult task leaving the PTSA Board. But that doesn't mean I won't be involved. My twins still have 3 years left, so there will be lots for me to do. But we really need someone to take my board position, as well as all the others. It's really a lot of fun and not that hard. All of this years board members will be around next year at school, so if you have questions, we are only one phone call away. Give it some thought! Get involved!! Once again THANKS to all of you who have volunteered so far this year! Vicky, Great job on the Pancake Breakfast!!
And thanks to Don Dorr for returning to help Mr. Wilkie with the flipping of those PANCAKES!
All of us (well, at least most of us) at Arbor Heights have been very good this year. Here is a list of items that our school is in need of. If there are any generous "Santas" out there, please talk to any PTSA Board member (name & phone # listed on the front page of this newsletter) or call Lynn Moy @ 935-9015. Here goes:

1)   Wine casks & whiskey barrel planters for Kinder-Garden
2)   New carpeting upstairs
3)   New carpeting in the library
4)   New carpeting in the office
5)   Electric pencil sharpener
6)   Archery net for the gym ($500)
7)   Picnic tables for the Kinder-Garden
8)   Assistance with the Kinder-Garden fence construction
9)   New couches for the entry hall
10)  8" round fluorescent lights & porcelain fixtures for Kinder-Garden grow buckets
11)  Britta water filters for the classrooms
12)  Brooms & dustpans
13)  4-drawer oak file cabinet for the office ($225)
14)  Musical instruments & cases
15)  Air conditioner for the computer lab ($500)
16)  Flowering trees & bamboo for the Kinder-Garden ($200)
17)  Two CD players
18)  Art Supplies
19)  Assistance with the Grounds Committee

A group of 5th grade girls are helping the less fortunate - Krystal, Janae, Jamie, Elysia, Koriann, Dayna & Lindsay. They are collecting canned food, blankets, clothes etc. PLEASE send your donations to school with your child. They will be collected every Friday morning through April 4th. THANKS!

The Science Fair was a huge success, thanks to the many parent & teacher volunteers and especially to the wonderful students of AH! The projects and demonstrations were well-varied, covering all topics from biology to physics, from chemistry to astronomy. The quality of work was so outstanding that teachers & principal had a difficult time selecting 30 or so projects to be kept overnight for next day student viewing. Projects chosen represented a wide-variety of ages and were of "student-quality" in hopes of helping children have new ideas for next year's fair. Did you learn anything new?
Also the "Kitchen Chemistry" Booth at the Science Fair brought in over $200 - we can't seem to get enough of those baked goods! All proceeds go to Science programs.

     25     5th graders go to Seattle Symphony
     26    10 Young Achievers go to Bon Mache
     27    Supersonic Reading Assembly @ Key Arena-Room 25 & another class to attend
     29    FREE Easter Bunny pictures @ Westwood Towne Center-bring a donation of
     30    Happy Easter!                                                        
     31    Middle School Choices Due @ PIC Center!   
     1      NO SCHOOL!!....................April Fools!          
     4      AH Carnival - 5:30-8:30pm @ AH
     7      Student Store
     9      Instrumental Concert - 7:00 @ Leschi
   10      PTSA General Meeting @ 7:00pm
   11      Talent Show - 1:30pm @ AH cafeteria
14-18   Spring Break
   23      Secretary Day

The Arbor Heights Chess Club is continuing to meet on Thursday from 3:10 to 4:00. We still have about 30 players who attend regularly & are working together to learn more about the game of chess. Before the summer break we are hoping to set up some kind of tournament or a chess match with another school.
In December, the AH Homework Club premiered with 3 students attending the first session. Under the direction of Ms. Long & Mr. Pharis, students have been able to receive assistance with their homework and a quiet, friendly place to work. Currently we have 3 students who attend on a regular basis, but have had as many as 6 on one occasion. The Homework Club will continue to run on Thursdays from 3:15-4:00pm as long as there are students who want to take advantage of this. For more information, or it you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Ms. Long, Mr. Pharis, your classroom teacher, or show up in Room 17 on Thursdays with a permission slip or a note from home.

NEW Arbor Heights PHONE # (206) 933-5350 - As of Spring Break 1997!!!!

This meeting will feature Patty Wallace doing a presentation on more parenting skills. She was very popular last year! Only $1 donation per child for babysitting. Starts at 7:00pm sharp!!

Connect up to the Arbor Heights World Wide Web site! The school web site just passed 50,000 visitors in the last year and a half! Visit it at:
Parents - Do you have an Internet email address? Would you like to have it listed on our "Parents on the Internet" page of our World Wide Web site? Contact Mr. Ahlness at school, or send a message to: - you could get email from people all over the world!
The computer lab continues to be open Tuesdays from 4-7pm and on Thursdays from 6-9pm. In case you were not aware these are NEW hours - it enables everyone an opportunity to play/work on the computers! Many thanks to the PTSA for the funding to have the lab open at those times! And thank you to Mr. Wilkie & Mr. Ahlness for supervising the computer lab in the evening. Stop in and check out some neat software titles, surf the web and lots more!
Parent Bulletin Now On-Line! You can get Mr. Leatherman's bulletins delivered to your desktop via email. Call the office or email Mark Ahlness at:

The Kinder-Garden fence is complete & actually came in under budget! We are pleased with how well they both blend into the building & the nearby classrooms. We are moving some of our long planters close to the fence and will plant climbers to beautify it. Tyler Le's father made a "kids size" picnic table for our garden and is in the process of making a second one. We are looking forward to doing school work at our picnic tables when the weather warms. Take a stroll around to see the improvement - if it ever stops raining!

Room 25 musicians performed on Saturday, February 1st at the Seattle Opera House.The students: Lauren, Janae , Eric , Krystal , Jamie, Lindsay, Dayna, & Tristan practiced long & hard at home and at before & after school rehearsals. Their performance preceeded the Seattle Symphony Orchestra's Discover Music concert for youth. They did a fabulous job! Thank you, Ms. Haas for working with the children & introducing them to all sizes & types of recorders!

On February 26th, at the annual Blue & Gold Cub Scout Banquet, eight Arbor Heights boys were awarded the final award in Cub Scouting: The Arrow of Light. It is a symbol of all their accomplishments in Cub Scouting and points the way to all of the fun & fellowship that lies ahead in Boy Scouting as they progress to the ultimate Scouting objective: the Eagle Award. Please help Pack 799 congratulate: Jayson, Eric, Bryan, Adam, Robert, Klim, Eric, & Robert. The Arrow of Light award is the highest award a cub scout can earn. Beleive me, it takes a lot of hard work, diligence, persistence & supportive parents!

"From Ants on a Log to Zoo Salad, Arbor Heights Cooks" Our cookbook regularly priced at $8.50 is now only $6.50!! Thats 20% OFF! Buy yours now through the office-Hurry-There's not many left at that price!

Under the direction of Bob Keil & Jean Robinson, Arbor Heights has received a grant for $5000 to green up the grounds! Plans are currently underway (you can view actual arcitectial drawings on the wall of the cafeteria) 200 plants & trees are being purchased, plans for asphalt removal & disposal are being made and plans for several weekend work parties are being formed. In lieu of the regular Arbor Heights Spring Clean Up - Bob is calling for all volunteers to show up 9:00am Saturday morning, April 5th. Hopefully you won't have a Carnival hangover! He is also hoping those of you who are unable to come on Saturday can show up on Sunday, April 6th. And if that weekend is impossible, the plan is to do the same thing all over again the following weekend - April 12th & 13th @ 9:00am. Please support Bob & Jean in their endeavor to green up the grounds. Those of you who usually participate in the Spring Clean Up- bring tools & gloves and simply show up anytime you can! Please call Jean Robinson @ 439-9735 if you have any questions.

In November this PTSA at large - that's all of you - voted overwhelmingly to allocate half our funds ($2500) toward playground improvements. Many, great ideas were discussed and lots of potential volunteers. The only thing missing is a lead person - someone to oversee the plan, collect all the options and ideas, and coordinate all this wonderful enthusiasm. It is a big job, but guaranteed to be worthwhile and rewarding to the whole school. If you are interested, or would like to even discuss this further, please give me a call - Lynn Barnicle-Moy @ 935-9015.

All music classes are currently working on "folk songs." Room 16 & 7 are working on musical shows to presented at school. Mr. Femiano's class is presenting The 3 Pigs and Ms. Sato's class is working on Alice in Wonderland. The 5th graders are busy reviewing for their trip to the Seattle Symphony.

Arbor Heights 4th & 5th grade students who are involved in the instrumental music program will play in a large concert on Wednesday, April 9th. Five schools are playing. They are Leschi, Whitworth, Brighton, Dunlap & Arbor Heights. The concert will be held at Leschi Elementary -135 32nd Avenue @ 7:00pm. A rehearsal in preparation for this concert will be held at 9:30 - 11:30, the morning of the concert. Bus transportation to the practice will be furnished. It will be under the musical direction of Mr. Charles Holmes.

The second annual Arbor Heights Talent Show will be held @ 1:30pm on Friday, April 11th. It will be held in the school cafeteria. Information will be coming out soon concerning auditions. Last year children signed up for the talent show, with a short description of their "act" and Mr. Leatherman scheduled an audition prior to the actual show. Don't worry no one is turned away!

The Bon recognized these outstanding students & Is treating them to pizza & a trip to the Bon for a short program. They were chosen for their extraordinary achievement in the area of school activities, academics, community activities, attendance & citizenship. They are Julie, Adam, Teddy, LoChoy, MyLinh, Somatra, John, Matt, Austin, & Justin.

IMAGINE yourself in a romantic hideaway, relaxing in front of a blazing fire. Being tucked into a cozy room for the night and waking to a scrumptious home-cooked breakfast. This could be a reality if you win a stay at the Villa Heidelberg Bed & Breakfast, an oasis of comfort right here in West Seattle. This is but one of the great prizes available in our Raffle to be held at the Family Carnival, Friday April 4th. Thanks to all of the contributors to our Raffle: Full House Entertainment-tickets to the April 19th Sonics game, Heather's Hallmark-a collectible Barbie, Quid'nunc-$20 gift certificate, West Seattle Nursery-2 garden candles, Fauntleroy YMCA-(2)one hour personal training sessions, Woodland Park Zoo-complimentary animal adoption, Cineplex Odeon-free movie passes, Renton Cinema-free movie passes, Supercuts-2 free haircuts, Salon Fauntleroy-free haircut & style, Capers-lunch for 2....The list goes on and more is being added daily! Look for tickets to go on sale soon!
NEW this year is a separate Raffle just for the students. Win a lunch with one of your favorite teachers or staff! Sonics posters & t-shirt. Sea Dogs hat & pennant. Sonics rally rags. Water bottles, books, t-shirts and more!
And of course more raffle items are always wanted! Do you have a service, talent or merchandise you can donate? Please contact Tish Hesse @ 932-1776. All donations are tax deductible. Thanks!

The annual Cake Decorating Contest will be held on Friday, April 4th (the day of the Carnival). All students may participate. Everyone who enters will receive one FREE carnival ticket. There will be 2 winners from each grade level. All winners will receive $2 in carnival tickets. All cakes will be used for the cake walk at the Carnival. The cakes should be made and decorated by the students with adult supervision only. So put on your aprons & get ready to bake!

WANTED: 5th Graders!
Calling all 5th graders and older siblings!! Would you like to help at the Carnival? Look for a permission slip to be going home soon. A special sign up sheet will be in the office, or call me - Tish Hesse @ 932-1776.

Thanks to everyone's great efforts, we made our goal of $700 and then some! A grand TOTAL of $766.52 will go toward the Young Author's Conference. Special thanks to Safeway on Roxbury, Fauntleroy Food Center, and The Original Bakery for placing collection cans at their stores. Thanks to Teresa & Rob Stein of Cafe' Espresso for their help in getting collection containers for the classrooms. Thanks to Charlene Hitch for her wonderful idea to have a container decorating contest. Congratulations to Room 8 for the winning design, an eight foot lizard.
A big thanks to Karen DeCarufel who lugged those heavy containers from the classrooms, and to Karin & Mike Haines for the colossal task of counting it all up! Last, but certainly not least, thanks to all of you who so generously emptied your pockets and purses to help our children.

Winners of the 1997 AH Hoop Shoot are 5th graders, Janae & Jayson.

First student to turn into the office the correct count of the eggs, WINS a FREE pepperoni!!

"How to make a boiled egg""
By Kellen - Ms. Shavey

Get two or one eggs. Then fill a pot with water and put the eggs inside. Put the pan on low heat and it should be on a stove. Keep the pot on the stove for 15 minutes . Take the eggs and cool them down. Then crack the eggs open and peel off the shell and skin. Take some salt and eat all you want!

The teachers & staff at Arbor Heights were asked if they desperately needed/wanted anything for their classroom in order to make their job just a little are the requests...if you can help in ANYWAY, no matter how big or small, please send the item to the school office or the teachers room.

Ms. Sato - Room 7
1) Fiskar scissors for kids - 2 dozen
2) Spines for bookbinding
3) Board Games - Sorry, Battleship
4) Snacks - Crackers, etc.
5) Antibacterial Handsoap

Ms. Crichton - Room 21
1) Colored & White 9"x12" tag board 
2) Bag of potting soil
3) Sulfite paper (prettier than construction paper)
     9"x12" or 12"x18" - available from Kid's Kraft
4) CD Player for school

Joyce Ito, Nurse
1) Diatek Thermometer (digital) with probe covers
    Made by Welch Allyn

Ms. Long - Room 15
1) Whiskey barrel for garden area by my class
2) Tree to plant in whiskey barrel for the garden area

Ms. Macri-Drum & Ms. Stroh - Kindergarten
1) Planters, whiskey barrel, wooden boxes for Kinder-Garden
2) Bamboo - Call Lynn Moy @ 935-9015

Ms. Marckx - Room 14
1) Carpeting for Room 14 - to cut down on background noisE  & to lighten room visually for better spirits                     
Arbor Heights Elementary will offer a FREE clinic on May 8, 1997 for fifth graders needing the 2nd measles shot. The 2nd measles shot is required by Washington State Law before students may enter the 6th grade.
Congratulations to 18 Arbor Heights staff who completed the Standard First Aid and CPR training. Arbor Heights is fortunate to have staff who are prepared to care for your children in the event of an emergency or earthquake. Joyce Ito, Nurse

Selling 3,210 boxes of Camp Fire candy was a big surprise to me and Catlin. First we were only going to sell 500 boxes to get a 2 hour limousine ride. Then we decided to sell 200 more to get a plaque with our names on it in the Camp Fire office. Next we wanted to sell 1000 to win a 100 gift certificate to a pizza place of our choice. Since we got this far, we decided to go for a record. Guess what? We did set a new record. By Taylor, Room 16
Taylor & I sold 3210 boxes of Camp Fire candy. There are 3 different kinds, mints, almond roca & almond caramel clusters. Together we were the top sellers in the nation. The old national record was 3,000. Now there is a new one! We got all of the prizes that Taylor talked about and we also got $500.00 each. I am going to spend my money on going to Camp Sealth for a week in the summer. We got our pictures in the Seattle Times & West Seattle newspaper. We were on TV and on the radio twice. Every day Gail went to the stores with Taylor & I .- Thank you, Gail. By Catlin, Room 7

The Bon Tea Party
Arbor Heights hosted 70 Bon Marche pen friends at a Tea Party. They ate scones, drank tea, and had fruit & cookies. The 5th grade students sang together. Ms. Haas had her 5th grade students perform on their recorders. This is a wonderful year long program for both AH students & their Bon pen pals.

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