Arbor Heights, May, 1997 - VOL 8, ISSUE 6

Published monthly by Arbor Heights PTSA 6.15.35.
Current members: 145
Arbor Heights Elementary School
3704 SW 104th  Seattle, WA  98146  281-6230
Terry McDermott, President - 932-6314
Lori Boyer, Vice-President - 932-2245
Kristin Jensen-Storey, Secretary - 433-7707
Betsy Forbes, Treasurer - 938-8607
Tish Hesse, Fund-raising Coordinator - 932-1776
Holly Guenther, Student Activities - 935-2048
Lynn Moy, Public Relations - 935-9015
Laura Flannigan, Administrative Coord. - 431-8654
Jean Robinson, Academic Support - 439-9735
Gail Ballard, Newsletter Editor - 938-0712
Carl Leatherman, Principal
Dave Wilkie, Don Dorr, Carol Long - Staff Reps 

Dear Arbor Heights Friends,
The time has come for me to say "SHALOM!' It is a Hebrew greeting as well as a farewell word. That is one of the reasons why I like it. The other reason is its meaning Shalom means peace.
I feel blessed I have had the opportunity to touch the lives of your children and helped them understand that differences make our lives richer. When we stop fearing differences and learn to appreciate them with a positive attitude, we are a step closer to peace and harmony, leaving no room for hatred or bigotry.
As much as I may have given of myself these last 23 years, I have received in return multiplied many times through the kindness, friendship and affection of those I have worked with, taught or met because of my profession.
I don't intend my retirement from teaching to put an end to my interest in education. I still will be involved in it one way or another!
So, on that note, I want to say a heartfelt SHALOM! to all of you. May you enjoy peace and may God keep you well until we meet again. Thank you for all you have given me.
With all my love,
Mrs. Shames

Dear Mrs. Shames,
Thank you for believing in me. It made a difference.
The Green-Haired Kid

School is coming to an end soon!! If anyone is interested in getting information about summer programs for kids, please give me a call at 933-5353. The Seattle Parks Department has scholarships available for summer camps at various community centers throughout the West Seattle area and city wide.

I'm not surprised at all the happy faces coming through the line just because we are having sunshine. The lunchroom is not as loud, but that might be because the kids are outside playing. Good weather brings out the shorts, fun tops and lots of great attitudes. I have a great contest coming up in June. It's a secret, you will only know what it is when you win. It's also a puzzle because you don't know what I'm saying. But in the week of June 2nd through June 6th, if you get a note saying "see me after lunch," you will be a winner. So beware, there will be ears and eyes on you and some of the prizes are awesome and I mean TOTALLY!! Bye-Bye - Bonny

Arbor Heights PTSA will be hosting a FREE six week parenting class (called Sanity Circus) next fall. The dates will announced in September. It will be once a week for six weeks from 7:00pm - 8:30pm. Childcare will be provided with a prior reservation. King County has given a grant to the Seattle Council PTSA that will pay for Sanity Circus at several locations - and Arbor Heights is one the lucky few! This class was quite popular a couple of years ago when Sanity Circus was last here!
What more could you want? Sunny days, eating popsicles, & listening to the Famous L- Man rap!!

A few hard working mothers. If you would like to work part time, the same hours your child is in school and have the same day off, CONTACT: Food Service. We need subs for many schools. Hours vary from 1 to 5 hours each day. If you are busy and don't want to work when Food Service calls, you don't have to. The number to call for information is 298-7675.

The last official kernel of wisdom from The Popcorn Lady of 1996-97 is...(drum roll)...A BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers that did all the popping and selling. And last but certainly not least, popcorn will cost 50c next year! Thank YOU, Popcorn Lady (Debbie Taylor) for coordinating all the corny details of this volunteer position!

The PREZ SEZ.....
Hi again -
For those of you who were unable to attend our final meeting of the year, I would like to introduce the 97-98 Board Members: President-Lori Boyer, VP-Charlene Marshal-Hitch, Secretary-Kristin Jenson-Storey and Treasurer-Charles Berry. There are still some open positions on committees, if you are interested, please contact Lori Boyer @ Boyer's Foyer.
Did you miss the L-Man "RAP"? I have pictures in the office you can look at. What a principal!! What will he come up with next year? I guess time will tell... The Young Author's Conference & Ice Cream Social sure was fun! I hope you didn't forget the Volunteer Luncheon. It's for all you volunteers out there! That's it for now - I'm trying to finish up a few odds and ends that need to be done! Talk to you later - Terry McDermott

This year's Young Author's Conference (Y.A.C.) was a huge success! We had both an author, Peg Kehret and storyteller, Betty Kopit visit our school. We had volunteers come in to read with our children. Parents, grandparents, & even some Bon employees led reading groups. Also several former staff members returned to lead a group. They included Mr. Dorr, Ms. Zavala, Ms. Kingman & Ms. Voorhees. Everyone dressed in their red t-shirts and looked great!!
Ms. Kehret told the kids about her books in the morning. She described in detail how she works as a writer. She has written 27 books. Robert Schmuck, 5th grader with Ms. Crighton, has read all of them but one! Children who had read her books already were thrilled to hear her talk about those books. Children who hadn't yet read a book that she talked about are eager to read them now. She shared with kids the 2 things that help make a writer. They are reading and writing frequently. And she gave them some practical pointers.
Arbor Heights was the last school in Washington where Ms. Kehret will speak, mainly because she wants to devote more time to writing. She also has a growing number of national speaking commitments. We were fortunate to have her speak at AH. Thank you PTSA for funding!

As we will be turning in all our Arbor Heights Library Books in June, the "used" books will be coming out. Ask your child about the used book exchange. It will be happening in our school library in June. Trading in those "old" used books for "new" used books is a great way to stock-up for summer reading. - Dene Napolitan, Librarian

Debbie Howard, the children's librarian from the Southwest branch of the Seattle Public Library will be visiting Arbor Heights on June 6th. She will be explaining the Seattle Public Library's summer reading program. Your children will be bringing home information - all they need do is go to the library & sign up to participate. A great way to keep the reading skills sharp during the summer months!

EVERYONE wanted Mr. Don Dorr's signature on their red Y.A.C. T-shirt. And everyone wanted the "L-Man's" signature! After all, it will be valuable when he hits the big time with his rapping! Thank you, Ms. Napoliton for a wonderful Y.A.C.'97!

Teachers Wish List...
Ms. Stroh - Room 3 - Kindergarten

Ms. Ballard - Room 19 - 1st Grade Mr. Femiano - Room 16 - 1, 2, 3rd Grade Ms. Marckx - Room 14 - 2nd Grade Ms. Salter - Room 9 - 3rd Grade Ms. Sato - Room 7 - 4th Grade Ms. Crichton - Room 21 Ms. Haas - Room 25 - 5th Grade

OK, it's nearing the end of the school year.That patient, kind, knowledgeable teacher at Arbor Heights has spent 9 long months with your "Johnny." You know it must have been a nightmare for all - I mean, why else does the majority of us shudder at the mere thought of homeschooling? Anyway, you'd like to show your child's teacher that you do indeed appreciate the time, effort & energy spent on Johnny. Or maybe your child is Sweet Susie, every teachers dream student and you'd like to simply show appreciation to them for furthering your child's education & social skills. Either way, you go to the store and look at all the teacher oriented gift items (you know, junk with apples, pencils & blackboards on them) They don't really seem appropriate, especially for that male teacher that your child has this year. You know what I'm talking about -
The Dreaded End of the Year Teacher Appreciation Gift!! No, PLEASE, not another coffee mug!! Break out of that useless gift mode you've fallen into and give them something they really want and need! Something to make their job a little easier, a little nicer, something they can use again with next year's classes when they get next year's Johnny or Sweet Susie...
Here goes - the teachers were asked to submit a list of anything they'd love to get as a teacher appreciation gift - the sky was the limit - and actually everyone who submitted a list kept it quite humble! If your child's teacher is not on the list, it is because they simply didn't respond to the question. I guess they don't need or want anything (besides a winning LOTTO ticket!) Let's make a BIG effort this year to give your child's teacher something they really want!!

Each spring our school staff begins the very important process of placing students in classrooms for the next school year. A great deal of time & effort is put into this process. We want to be certain that the classes are balanced in terms of size, gender, ethnicity, academic level, student behavior, etc.
Arbor Heights has a strong teaching staff who do a fine job of educating all of the children in the school. We always welcome parent input & we are always available to talk with you about any aspect of your child's education. Requesting specific teachers for your child, however, creates several problems for all of us in the school community. First, we are never really sure who will be teaching the various grades until August. Second, not all requests can be honored if we are truly trying to create balanced classes. Third, we are a public school & do not discriminate relative to student placement. If we honored some requests & not others that would be considered discrimination. I'm sure that you can see that equity is the issue here.
While I do not want, and cannot honor, requests for a specific teacher, I would be interested in looking at a letter you may wish to write describing your child's learning style or explaining any unique educational needs your child may have. You might like to express an interest in either a straight grade level class or a multiage situation. We have both programs here. Class assignments will be mailed in late August this year.
Thank you - Carl Leatherman, Principal

A grand total of 5,000 Campbell soup labels were collected by Arbor Heights families this year. This enabled us to order (FREE) 2 science videos - Creepy Creatures & Owl TV series, a weather video - Unchained Goddess & Independence-Birth of a Nation, which features Ben Franklin, John Adams & Thomas Jefferson describing crucial events such as signing the Declaration of Independence. These will all be placed in the permanent library collection. Remember to continue saving those labels & sending them in - this is a year round project.


    2       5th Grade Field Trip to Mariners  
    4       Pen Friends to Bon for Ice Cream Social
    5      Volunteer Luncheon
    5      Last day of Chess Club
    6      Seattle Public Library Visits
    9      Student Store    
   12     Alice in Wonderland - Ms. Sato, Room 7
           Musical Assembly @ 9:45 am
   12    Last day of Evening Computer Lab 
   15    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!                           
   17    Field Day - All school plays games outside
   18    Awards Assembly (3rd-5th grade only)
          5th Grade Graduation
   19   Last day of school!!

SAY Yes to RUGS!
Please, if you know of anyone who might be willing to donate new or gently used carpeting to Arbor Heights, call Debbie Kerns @ 937-6709. There are several areas that need it badly!

Summer tutoring is available at Curiosity Corner for all age elementary student. It begins June 30th-August 21st. Elementary reading, math, spelling, grammar & writing skills are all being offered. Help your child catch up & keep up in school with summer tutoring. Teachers will tailor the sessions individually to meet the needs of that particular child. An 8 week session, 2 days per week is recommended. Lessons last 1 hour, with times available at 2:00, 3:00 & 4:00, Mon-Thurs. The cost is $15 per hour. Please call Kathy Wahlborg @ 242-9936 for more information.

"I lost 7-lbs. and 10-1/2 inches in 7 days!"
To achieve your weightloss goals call: (206) 517-7789

PACK 799
June 7 & 8 will mark the final meeting this school year for Pack 799, which will be a camp out at Camp Long. The weekend is action-packed & will include the crossover ceremonies for the Tigers & 2nd year Webelos. The 2nd year Webelos (Ravens) den has been busy building a bridge to walk across, symbolizing the boys' entry into a boy scout troop; the Tigers will become full members of cub scouts. It has been an exciting year, of which everyone involved in AH's PTSA (Pack 799's sponsor) can be proud - the Pack broke all district records for the food drive; the 2nd year Webelos (Ravens) won 1st place overall in the Klondike Derby, the First-Aid-O-Ree and the Spring Camp-O-Ree; extra emphasis was placed this year on the importance of giving to our community & everyone had fun in the process. Thanks goes to John Schmidt for his dedication & his 5 years as leader & mentor to the Ravens.

Connect up to the Arbor Heights World Wide Web site! The school web site just passed 50,000 visitors in the last year and a half! Visit it at:
Parents - Do you have an Internet email address? Would you like to have it listed on our "Parents on the Internet" page of our World Wide Web site? Contact Mr. Ahlness at school, or send a message to: - you could get email from people all over the world!
Our fax machine is located in our computer lab. The number is 281-6618. Thank you, Microsoft!
Parent Bulletin Now On-Line! You can get Mr. Leatherman's bulletins delivered to your desktop via email. You can receive the parents bulletins before your child brings them home from school. Call the office or email Mark Ahlness at:
A short update on the Earth Day Groceries Project: 303 schools have sent in reports, and students decorated 117,951 Earth Day Bags!
We hope to have our Internet connection upgraded to a T-1 line to start school next fall! (That means faster & better!)
The evening computer lab will be closed for the summer. The last open evening of the school year will be June 12th, Thursday from 6-9 pm. The evening computer lab has been available to the AH community because of the Arbor Heights PTSA - they funded $2400 worth of staff support, while Microsoft provided the $60,000 worth of computer equipment, software, etc. We hope the Arbor Heights PTSA can continue to provide funding for the staff support. The evening computer lab has an average attendance of 30 people per night throughout the year. We think that's worthwhile! Besides the fact that our children are learning on state of the art equipment, quite simply put - a deal is a deal. We agreed to keep the evening computer lab open to the AH parents & community for 3 years in exchange for $60,000 worth of equipment. (And they continue to donate)
Now, the Bon Marche has kindly donated $15,000 to provide wiring for the 2nd floor, the library & (hopefully) the front hallway classrooms. Depending on what rooms get wired, the configuration of what teacher resides where for the school year, will definitely be subject to change.
Microsoft has sent in a project director, who says they are almost ready to begin the wiring project that will bring internet access to many of the classrooms. A volunteer is needed who has experience in running wires through walls. They would like to consult with this person for an hour or so before the project begins. If you have electrical expertise (or know anyone that does) please give Mr. Leatherman a call. (933-5350)
The poster that will be shot into space on September 18th has arrived at Arbor Heights. The students have already signed it and it's ready to make it inaugural trip into the big beyond.

Lori Boyer is Arbor Heights NEW PTSA President for 1997-98! She spent this year serving as Vice President, learning the ropes from retiring 2 year veteran Terry McDermott. The new VP is Charlene Marshall-Hitch, (returning) Secretary is Kristen Jensen-Storey, & Treasurer is Charles Berry. (Returning) Fundraiser Chair is Tish Hesse. Administrative Co-ord. will be job shared by Christine Farmer & Karen Lehman. Public Relations will be handled by Patricia Tinnerman & when she's not busy handling bake sales & making Mexican fudge, Karin Haines will be in charge of Student Activities & Room Parents. Thank you for volunteering for these important positions at Arbor Heights. These people, along with Carl Leatherman & Staff Rep, Dave Wilkie form the PTSA Board. The Board meets monthly in addition to regular PTSA meetings.

The bad news is the grant for $20,000 has been denied. The good news is sets of drawings have been completed. The drawings are done in 3 phases. Different parts of the playground structure can be added at 3 different times, not effecting the previously erected phase! The plans are really slick. Matt Storey, Playground Coordinator says the first draft plans will be ready for review & input at the next PTSA meeting. ( in Sept.??) He has also submitted a new proposal for a $5,000 grant!

Arbor Heights hasn't been very lucky in the outdoor grant department lately. The bad news here is that the $5000 previously given for "greening" up AH has been rescinded...why? Bob Keil, Greening Coordinator says it has been nothing but a huge political nighmare...need we say more? They said he was welcome to reapply next year!

The 5th graders have been particularly busy with a flurry of activities, not only for school year end, but for school end!
Tuesday June 2nd, Mr. Leatherman arranged a fun year-end outing for all 5th graders- lunch at McDonalds on the waterfront, a Harbor Tour cruise ship ride & topping the day, a Mariners baseball game!! And all for only $16!! A good time was had by all!
Wednesday June 3rd, all the Bon Pen Friends (which includes a majority of 5th graders) traveled to the Bon to enjoy an ice cream social. Ms. Haas 5th graders entertained everyone with their recorders by playing "Wednesday Only at the Bon Marche" - a take off on the Bon's TV ad jingle "Thursday Only at the Bon Marche."
June 5th, Arbor Heights staff hosts all the adult volunteers at the Volunteer Luncheon. The recipient of the PTSA "Golden Acorn" Award will be announced.
Stay tuned for further details on the Awards Assembly & 5th Grade Graduation on Wednesday, June 18th...

Room 7's (Ms. Sato) musical stage production, Alice in Wonderland, is making great progress! We have been having dance & staging rehearsals most days & the kids are doing a fine job. They are really great to work with! Each family is to provide the costume needed by his/her child. Each student has a script for the show. Examples of each costume are located in the back of the script book. They need not be exactly like those pictured in the script, those are only ideas. Only a week to go - Rm 7 goes in the spotlight on Thurs, June 12 @ 9:45am. Call Ms. Bailey at the school if you need any help!

The L-Man RAPS...

Arbor Heights is cool school & the kids are really bad.
They read a bunch of books in just 1 month just to make me mad!

Now I was hoping that most of you would go ahead & take a nap. 
But I guess you read 2,000 books just to hear me RAP. 
Now let me tell you one thing Jack & I really think it's true. 
When it comes to finding some really great kids there's no one better than you.

Arbor Heights is a cool school & the kids are really bad.
They read a bunch of books in just 1 month just to make me mad!

Now you kids can do a lot of stuff like read & write & swim. 
The Macarena is Mr. Wilkie's thing so let's give a big hand to him. 
I've seen alot of schools in my day & you know I ain't no fool. 
The best place in the USA is a place called Arbor Heights school.

Arbor Heights is a cool school & the kids are really bad.
They read a bunch of books in just 1 month just to make me mad!

Yes, Arbor Heights is the place to be if you want a school that's fine. 
The staff, the kids, just everyone is happy all the time. 
The teachers here are mighty fine, they never blow their lids. 
But the thing that makes this school cool are the really far out kids.

Arbor Heights is a cool school and the kids are really bad.
They read a bunch of books in just 1 month just to make me mad!

Students should continue to practice their musical instruments on a regular basis during the summer break, says Mr. Holmes, instrumental music teacher. Also, the school district has a wonderful summer music program. For more information, please call: 729-3345
The 5th graders are working on a song for the Awards Assembly. Wait till you see who's singing that! All the classes are working on a "good-bye" song!

City Builders is a group at Arbor Heights designed for students dealing with anger or dealing with the effects of others anger. Part of the time is spent working together designing and building their own city. Part of the time is spent in group discussion. Discussions cover anger control, personal rights, dealing with others anger, and social skills. Students are referred to the group by parents, staff or may ask to join the group. City Builders is directed by Sue Knuth, Arbor Heights school psychologist, who is also pictured at right.

We have had a great time meeting the many students who have been saving during the school year. We had MANY new accounts opened. Remember you may continue to save all summer long. Just take your deposits to your nearest WA Mutual Savings Bank. There are 2 at Westwood Towne Center - one by Target & one in QFC! If you did not receive or have lost your account card, we will be happy to make you a new once before the school year is over. Fifth grade parents - you may want to make sure your child has their account card before they leave AH - then they can continue saving in middle school! Have a great summer and see you in September!
- Tish Hesse & Teri Hudson - Banking Co-Chairs, 1996-97

THANKS! My thanks to the students, parents and staff for a great fund-raising year. We met or exceeded all of our goals thanks to your time, effort and dollars! The PTSA was able to help fund the Science Center Van, German Boat Band & Abraham Lincoln assemblies, as well as several field trips, the evening computer lab and the Young Author's Conference T-shirts. I look forward to working with you again. If you have a super idea for fund-raising, please let me know. Have a wonderful summer and I'll see you in September when we kick off the new school year with Sally Foster gift wrap! Special thanks to Karin Haines, who organized all of the bake sales (and has agreed to do it again next year!) and Vickie Viloudaki, who chaired the AH Pancake Breakfast. Thanks again for a successful year - it doesn't happen without YOU!! - Tish Hesse, Fund-raising Chair 1996-97 (and next year!)

Room 3 (Ms. Stroh - Kindergarten) has a new pet, Iggy the Iguana. He is about 3 feet long and at least 4 years old. He was given to the class by friends of the Watkins and McDermott families. The students are really fascinated by Iggy and we hope to get a better cage for him. With a new cage we will be able to move him to other rooms so all AH students will get to know Iggy. Hhmm, I wonder who gets to take Iggy home for the summer?

Dear AH students, staff and parents,
I would just like to say "Thank You" for all of the support on the food, clothing and change drive.
Thank you very much -
Elysia, 5th grade

The Arbor Heights Cookbook is only 5 bucks!! Teresa Fedora, who makes the wonderful hamburger cookies, won't be here next year! Someone else will have to take over and follow the recipe on page 99 of the Arbor Heights cookbook and bring them to next years bake sales! Copies of AH Cookbook are in the office. Thanks to all the AH bakers this year! Karin Haines-Bake Sale Chair


I wrote a poem book. It's called "My Moments." It has 8 poems in it. I think it will be a good book. I'm sure everyone's will be good.
By Amanda, Rm 9-Ms. Salter, 3rd Grade

I made a poem for Young Author's Conference. What you can do to make your own poem is first you write your ideas down on a scrap piece of paper, then you put yours together, next you put a picture on the paper that has to do with the poem, finally you put a title and you are done.
By Hilary, Rm. 12 - Mr. Ahlness, 3rd Grade

My class wrote a different kind of book. You have to think of a story and you've got to think of a title. My title is "The Parade." Our teacher gave us a piece of paper, there was a parade going on and a king and a queen. You have to make a story out of it.
By Taylor, Rm 19 - Ms.Ballard, 1st Grade

I wrote Mr. Ruff Ruff. It is about a dog that likes cats and gets stuck in a submarine.
By Anthony, Rm 8-Mr. Swan, 4th Grade

I wrote my book for Young Author's about my great-grandfather, that had a limp when he was six and the hardships he had to go through.
By Dustin, Rm 21 - Ms. Crichton, 5th Grade

We wrote about animals for our Young Author's Books. I'm doing a story about a coyote and a jaguar. The jaguar says he's hungry - says Alex.
I'm doing a story about a mouse and a snake. Snake says "I want to eat you!" says Taryn. You have to read the books to find out what happens! say both Taryn and Alex.
By Taryn & Alex, Rm 1-Ms. Washington, 1st Grade

Well, I am not writing anything right now, but I wrote a story called "A Rough Life." It's about a girl named Amilia. She moved from Louisiana to Washington so she doesn't have any friends. Then it was her birthday and all of the people in her neighborhood gave her a surprise birthday party. And in the end all of them are really good friends.
Katrina, Rm. 8 -Mr. Swan, 4th Grade

The book I wrote for Young Author's Conference is called My Family & My School. I have 2 step-brothers, a step-mom, 1 real brother, 1 real mom and a half sister. I will miss AH - my book is deciated to AH. I have made some new friends this year - we will go to Denny next year. I like reading, writing and I miss Ms. Anderson, my teacher from last year. I wish she would come to visit.
Mary, Rm. 23 - Ms. Hughes, 5th Grade

For my story that I am writing it is called The Summer Story. It is about me and a few of my friends and what happens to us through the summer.
Elysia, Rm 24 - Mr. Jordan, 5th Grade

We made books about feelings and today we are dedicating to our families, friends, and teachers, and we are having fun doing it!.
By Demario & Tram, Rm 14 - Ms. Marckx, 2nd Grade

What I am writing for Young Author's Day is all my figurative language. That is what everybody is doing - Figurative Language. Well, that's all.
By Zach, Rm 25 - Ms. Haas, 5th Grade

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