Arbor Heights, November, 1995 Vol. 7, Issue 3

Published monthly by Arbor Heights PTSA, 6.15.35.
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Arbor Heights Elementary School 
3704 SW 104th   Seattle, WA   98146  281-6230
Terry McDermott, President  -  932-6314
Roberta Post, Vice President  -  937-5613
Sue Murray, Secretary  -  243-8374
Betsy Forbes, Treasurer  -  938-8607
Donna Carreon & Karen Haines,
Fundraising Coordinators  -  938-4018 & 938-3531
Holly Guenther, Student Activities Coord.  -  935-2048
Lynn Moy, Public Relations Coordinator  -  935-9015
Laura Flannigan, Admin. Coord.  -  431-8654
Kathy Robison, Site Council Chair  -  932-4552
Gail Ballard, Newsletter Editor  -  938-0712
Carl Leatherman, Principal
Claudia Stroh, Dave Wilkie & Sapina Pele, Staff Reps


The Arbor Heights World Wide Web site was nominated by GNN (Global Network Navigator) for their Best of the Net awards in the amateur category for K-12. We were the ONLY school nominated!! There were three other nominees - the winner was Kidlink Magazine. There were 10 major categories, with a total of about 100 nominees. I flew down to San Francisco on Friday, Nov. 3 for the award ceremony. Microsoft paid for the trip.

I've never been to anything like this - kind of like a cross between MTV awards and the Grammys, if you can imagine that. And then to actually be a nominee, well, that was just pretty exciting. I didn't have any prepared statement, but you can be sure that I was fantasizing about it! So I'll share my "acceptance speech" with you. It would have gone something like this:

"Thanks very much for the honor, GNN. I just sent my third graders out the door 5 hours ago in Seattle, and this is a pretty unusual Friday evening for a tired teacher. What this award may show is that you don't need to be a big company with a budget to make a statement and a difference. What you need is some initiative and a great product. I can't think of a nobler product than a school, and I can't think of a school better than Arbor Heights. I'm proud to be a teacher there. And in these days of enormous alphabetical listings, it doesn't hurt to have a name that starts with the letter A.... (tumultuous laughter)....

There are probably 2,000 schools out there now with web sites. I accept this on behalf of our school and the many other schools out there making a difference to their students, their parents, and their communities. Next time you connect up to the web, check some of them out. These students are your clients of the future - actually, they are your clients now. Thanks again." (more applause) ........ end of fantasy speech ..........

Take care - Mark Ahlness, Teacher, Grade 3


Enrollment in the 59th season of Ski-Attle Ski & Snowboard School is now beginning. This is a great opportunity to have your elementary aged child learn to ski through a "fully supervised" program. Ski-Attle is the only program that offers adult supervised transportation, with the same screening as done for volunteers with the school programs, four hours of on the snow, supervised instruction, as well as a supervised lunch period. Registration forms for students, 7 years & older are available by mail & FAX. Call 632-6406 & leave name/address or fax a request to 634-1775 or 281-6974.

5 + 1 = 6th

A BIG thank you for returning the parent surveys. A high percentage (90%) of responses indicate interest in adding 6th grade to AH! Mr. Leatherman and the AH parent committee are sending a letter to John Stanford, Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools, requesting a meeting with him to discuss our continued interest in exploring the pros & cons of the idea. Mr. Leatherman will survey teachers at AH now that parents seem to be saying they want this as a choice within the West Seattle area. We ask that anyone who has NOT filled out a 5 + 1 = 6th parent survey, please get one from the AH office & return ASAP! Betsy Jansen & Louise Sears, along with Mr. Leatherman have been the driving force behind the 5 + 1 = 6th coalition at AH.


by Jami Moffett
Order now in time
for Christmas delivery.
Have a special
portrait drawn
of your child by this
published artist.
Current prices good until 12/31/95.


Jami Moffett's day is a busy one at Arbor Heights. You can find her arranging the showcase, policing the kids in the lunchroom and doing what she loves, creating art with children. On a daily basis she has only a small window of opportunity for each classroom to take advantage of her talents - (12:45 to 1:30). But she uses every second of her time (and then some!) Have you noticed the celestial table decorations in the lunchroom? Volunteers from Mr. Femiano's class painted, drew & cut - this was an any age project -even my 2 year old was painting! Ms. Sato's class - Room 7 made treasure maps with Jami, Ms. Ballard, Ms. Washington, Mr. Femiano, & Mr. Pharis made projects using collage & frottage. What is frottage? It's a technique putting paper over a textured surface, like a basket, window screen or a lego base. Then you take a side of a crayon & rub it over - makes great designs! Ms. Marckx, Room 14 is currently working on a cityscape mural. The actual painting of the mural will have to wait until the nice weather returns. There were six steps to this mural. They were as follows:
1) Discuss 2) Decide 3) Research 4) Drawing lesson-(people in this case) 5) Draw 6) Paint. They plan on painting the mural out in the little court alcove. Have you seen Ms. Long's mural - Objects of the Sea? Jami & Ms. Long's class completed this mural last year.

Jami really enjoys working with the children. " I feel that touching a creative side of a child is important. Everybody has an artistic side. The biggest wall you come up against is everyone thinks it has to be realistic and it doesn't," says Jami.

Jami also has recently illustrated the cover of the Arbor Heights Cookbook, the divider pages & supervised the kids that drew filler graphics for the book. She herself is a published artist, with three books under her belt, various Sunday School newsletters, magazines, clip art illustrations, murals & portraits. Don't miss the chance to have your children's portrait drawn by her. It makes a great Christmas gift, very unique & lasting.

And last but not least, Jamie says she can still use Pringle cans & collage art supplies-buttons, sequins, feathers, stickers, felt, lace, ribbons, wrapping paper, old jewelry & greeting cards. Just leave them in the box under the table in the school foyer and say "Hi" to Jami if you see her arranging the showcase, policing the lunchroom, painting a mural, etc. etc.


By day, Sapina Pele is a family support worker at Arbor Heights Elementary. But, many weekends, she'll be on the road, encouraging women to take charge of their own lives and become leaders in their Association.

Sapina is one of three education support employees and 55 teachers who are peer trainers in the Women's Leadership Training Program - a part of the National Education Association's ongoing, national effort to develop the leadership skills of its members.

Sapina is the newest support employee to become an NEA leadership trainer. The NEA is not just for teachers anymore, everyone seems pleased to have support ...... employees working with teachers to train members.


Great response for Room Parents! All positions have been filled, with the exception of Ms. Broome & Ms. Anderson - any volunteers? Notices are currently being sent home asking for information to compile class lists, addresses & phone #. Here is the current list of generous parents who have volunteered for this position. Wow! Lynn Schmuck has 2 rooms!
Ms. Stroh - Debbie Kajikawa
Ms. Washington - Teri Hudson
Ms. Ballard - Gail Smith
Ms. Long - Sabrina Smallwood & Paula Hubbs
Mr. Pharis - Lynn Schmuck
Mr. Femiano - Kelly Kiel & Joan Robinson
Ms. Marckx - Julie Grahm
Ms. Shavey - Deann Scroggins
Mr. Ahlness - Donna Umbach
Ms. Salter - Tish Hesse
Mr. Dorr - Kathy Anderson
Ms. Luke - Linda Anderson
Ms. Sato - Lynn Schmuck
Ms. Crighton - Teri Shaw
Mr. Wagner - Paula Hubbs 


A dental referral line is now operating for anyone who is having dental needs, urgent dental problems & are covered by medicaid, uninsured or of low income. They will refer you public or private providers. Providers will accept medicaid or charge on a sliding fee schedule. They will assist with medical referrals also. Please call 284-0331 - Community Health Access Program, Sponsored by: Seattle-King County Department of Public Health

The PREZ SEZ.....

Hi Again, Once again I come to the most difficult task I have. Writing to you all to inform you of the goings on at school.
Our picture day seemed to have gone pretty smoothly. Donna Carreon & myself were on hand to fix collars & comb hair, etc. Most of the children put up with the primping. All in all it was fun to see, all the kids putting on those smiles.
Did you know that November 19-25 is National Family Week!?
Have you all had a chance to meet our newsletter editor? We are very fortunate to have such a hard working person to do our newsletter. Thanks, Gail for the TERRIFIC looking publications of the jr. Seahawk Footnotes!!
By now you should all have gotten your Sally Foster Gift Wrap. Thanks again for everyone's support with this fund-raiser.
I had the opportunity to look at some of the recipes that were sent in for the cookbook. They looked great! The artwork that Jami Moffett did is beautiful. We are so lucky to have such a talented artist in our midst.
Our Volunteer Coordinator Lori Boyer deserves a BIG pat on the back. Lori puts so much effort into everything that she does, not only at school, but also all those extra hours she puts in at home. I have seen how the children respond to her at school, they LOVE her. Thanks, Lori!!
The next General PTSA Meeting will be on January 11. 1996@ 7:00 pm. I hope to see you all there. Let's start the new year with a GREAT turnout for the first meeting of the new year.
That's about it for this month. Volunteers - Keep up the good work & don't forget to log those hours!!

Have a Great Holiday Season! - Terry McDermott

Mr. Leatherman, a.k.a. Superman, wore another uniform during the Vietnam War & talked to the kids about his experiences. He explained to the children the true meaning of Veterans' Day.
Thanks, Mr. L!


       9            Kindergarten Conferences Begin
   13-22         Parent/Teacher Conferences Begin
                     Early Dismissal - 1:00 pm
   19-25         National Family Week
     22            Early Dismissal - 2:10 pm
   23-26        Thanksgiving Break
     27            Student Store
     28            Harborview Safety Assembly
     29            Meet John Stanford , New School Superintendent 
                       @ West Seattle High School @ 6:30 - 8:00 pm
     29            Kiwi Hide 'n Seek Begins                   
     8             Deadline for December Newsletter
    11            Seattle Symphony Workshops
    13            Winter Program (Day)
    14            Winter Program (Evening)
    15             Last day of school before break-early dismissal
  18-31         Winter Vacation 
                     Back to school on Jan. 2!


So far your Campbell's, Pepperidge Farm & Swanson's labels have provided FREE jump ropes, balls, megaphone & a tube/tunnell play toy for Arbor Heights. Please continue to remove the entire label and send them to your child's teacher, or put them into the big Campbell's cannister in the school foyer.


Mr. Leatherman & Lori Boyer met with the Bon Marche, our PIPE Partner. Following is a brief description of several programs that AH & the Bon will be doing together this year.

1) Pen Friends - There are 56 employees at the Bon who will participate in a weekly letter exchange with students in Rooms 21, 23, 24 & 25. Letters will exchanged every Friday, starting November 3rd. Lori has talked to the classrooms involved about this program. In February, we will hold a tea for all of our Pen Friends from the Bon. In June they will host an ice cream social for us.
2) Book Buddies - They plan to collect books (or $) which will be donated to our classrooms.
3) Young Achievers - The Bon wants to recognize 10 of our children who are outstanding students. This will happen twice, once in November & March. Stayed tuned for picture & names of November's 10 Young Achievers in the December newsletter!
4) Young Authors' Conference - They will give us about $2000 from proceeds of their May auction to help pay for the shirts for our Young Authors' Conference.
5) Family Sponsors - They want to sponsor 10 of our families who have needs around Christmas time. Sapina will coordinate this project.
6) And last but not least, They provided 450 cookies for the Halloween party!

Let's play Kiwi Hide 'n Seek!

Bonnie says starting November 29th and every Wednesday after, the kitchen will hide 4 kiwi faces around the lunchroom. Anyone that finds them will get a prize!
From Ants on a Log to Zoo Salad, Arbor Heights Cooks is the official name of the Arbor Heights cookbook as coined by Donnell Anderson, with Jesse Boyer, a Kindergartner contributing the recipe for Ants on a Log & Samantha Anderson, a 5th grader, responsible for Zoo Salad. The book includes 323 recipes & 19 advertisers. Resident artist, Jami Moffett, illustrated the cover, the divider pages and randomly chose children in the library to help draw various spot illustrations throughout the book It will be available sometime after the New Year, with the price currently being determined. Great response, Arbor Heights parents!


Connect up to the Arbor Heights World Wide Web site! Over 1,500 people a month from all over the world visit it at:
Mrs. Thompson has also set up a site to encourage young writers at Arbor Heights (Cool Writers' Magazine) & around the world at:
Here is the URL for "Best of the Net": (See front pg. story)
There is even a reference to Cool Writers' Magazine. Stop by Room 12 or Room 22 to see the new graphic that says "top ten" on The Arbor Heights Home Page!
Our I.S.D.N. line has been intalled by US West. 30 computers will be upgraded in early Nov. to 16-20 megabytes of RAM.
Thank you, Microsoft!
Many staff members at Arbor Heights have Internet accounts. Ask your child's teacher for their email address!
Mr. Ahlness' class has began a "key-pal" exchange on the Internet with a classroom in Queensland, Australia.


A fun time was had by all on our Book Character Day. We had joint recess, followed by 2 parades, where the children had an opportunity to show off their great costumes. One of the best parts of the activity for me was that I was able to direct many children to books to read that would match their costumes. Parents stopped by the Library to select a book to read to their children. Some parents wrote me & asked me to help their child find a specific book. Any time we can spend time reading & sharing books with children is an investment that pays off.

When we talk about reading to children there is probably no better guide than The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease. It's been so popular it's been updated several times and reprinted. Basically, Trelease explains why parents should read to their kids & what a powerful tool it is. Then he gives you plenty of wonderful suggestions for books you could read to your child. Also there are related books & that section is very helpful. We have a copy available for checkout from our library, & you can also find it at Seattle Public Library & local bookstores. Our school library is always open for parents to get some good read-alouds. If you can't stop by, write me a note & I'd behappy to send home a book(s) with your child. - Dene Napolitan, Librarian

Arbor Heights was well represented at the parade in support of West Seattle Schools. We had 68 adults & children present and a good time was had by all.


Title I, or Chapter I as it was previously called, is a Federally funded program to help children academically. There are also several other funding sources for providing extra help to children, such Bilingual Services, Levy Redirect funds from the city, LAP funds which come from the State of Washington, and the Special Education Resource Program, which is also funded by the state. At Arbor Heights, we have a plan which integrates these various programs and services.

The school is divided into 5 teams of teachers with support staff assigned to each team to help those children that need the services. This plan allows the support staff and the regular teacher a better opportunity to work closely together in planning for each child's needs. It is also less disruptive to the regular classroom schedule because children are not being pulled out continuously for various programs. Each team has designed a special program to meet their needs and those of their students. This is the third year that Arbor Heights has used this model. So far we feel it is working very well.


Lori Boyer, the official "Volunteer Coordinator" for Arbor Heights says THANKS,THANKS,THANKS to all 85 volunteers who logged in 693 total hours of volunteer time. Student volunteers numbered 25, with a total of 218 volunteer hours! Of course, she wouldn't be able to keep track unless everyone remembers to sign in & log your hours. The official reason is for insurance purposes, but Lori is so proud of our volunteers & the hours, she wants to show the world! Speaking of showing the world, it was decided to present an award each month for Volunteer of the Month. September honors go to Bob & Vicki Viloudaki & Octobers winner is Tish Hesse! Congratulations!

If you would like to help out, there is an opening in Room 23 for an hour a week.You would help them write to their Bon Pen Friends. All field trip drivers need to complete a Washington State Patrol form. Lori can do this at school. She can usually be found volunteering somewhere at AH!



Greetings from Mrs. Chris Mabe, A.M. Music Specialist -
We will be working furiously on our December Holiday Program this month, and continuing work with rhythmic patterns. Arbor Heights students have beautiful singing voices! In honor of Veterans' Day, all classes have been reviewing patriotic songs, and practicing working together through large group cooperative rhythm games and small group station work. Keep making music!

Greetings from Ms. Cronon - P.M. Music Specialist
Can you believe it's November already! Here are the musical concepts I'm working on with my classes. These concepts underlie all the activities we do: Singing accompanied and unaccompanied songs, thus developing the singing voice; building the experiemental foundation of beat, rhythm, fast slow, high low, improvisation, and working in an ensemble, (to name a few.) November is a continuation of beat vs rhythm, and preparing for the Winter Holiday Concert.
THANK YOU PTSA FOR OUR THREE AFRICAN DRUMS! I can probably safely say EVERY student in the school has had a chance to play them. Great use of money. Thanks again, & the kids thank you, too!


Your child can now open a savings account and take care of his/her banking needs right here ar Arbor Heights. Washington Mutual Savings Bank has set this program up for AH. The "bank" opens every Wednesday morning at 8:45 am. If your child wishes to open a savings account the necessary paperwork can be picked up any Wednesday morning. We could still use one or two parent volunteers to help out for 45 minutes on Wednesday mornings. Preschoolers are welcome, don't let that stop you from volunteering! Call Roberta Post @ 937-5613 for volunteer information. It makes sense (and cents) to start children on a savings program when they are young.


By Emilia Broome, Teacher Rm 1, Kindergarten
A year ago - concerned with large class size, the inequity of the educational offering between half day and all day Kindergarten, and the sense that half day K seemed too short & full day seemed too long, Ms. Stroh, Mr. Fuller & myself designed a program to offset these concerns. With 3 classes assigned to Arbor Heights, and 2 K teachers, we divided the children into 4 groups. Two groups now attend from 9 - 1. Two groups attend from 11 - 3. During the time (11:00 - 1:00) when all kindergartners are in attendance, the students are divided into 3 groups (Bears, Dolphins, Penguins) and rotate through Music, P.E. and Computers, eat lunch and then rotate through eight stations.

Team member Norene Soldana, along with parent volunteers and 5th grade helpers are critical to the program. A survey taken last spring showed that besides the Kindergarten teachers, students and parents are happy with our new model. Many kindergartners say that stations & rotations are their favorite part of the day. Highland Park is now using our model.

Ms. Broome is the scheduled speaker for the next PTSA meeting on Jan. 11. She will speak on Learning Styles - maybe she'll even throw in a cooking tip!

What do you like best about kindergarten?

Ms. Stroh P.M. Kindergarten Class says...

I just like school. - Nicole
I like music. - Bronson & Taryn 
I like playing with jump ropes in gym. - Amanda
I like to do art. - Josh 
I like it when we play with balls in gym. - Kendal 
I like everything. - Ian 
I like the games in stations. - Doran 
I like gym when Mr. Warford shows us all the new stuff.  - Kelsey 
I like free activity time. - Timmy 
I like going on the roller races at gym. - Kyle 
I like playing & cooking at housekeeping corner.  - Cassie 
I like in Mr. Warfords room cause he's so neat. - Cori 
I like computers. - Andrew , Matthew, and Katie 

Ms. Stroh A.M. Kindergarten Class says...

I like learning the letters. - Amy 
I like playing wall ball. - John, JJ,  Ton  & Steve 
I like to go on the monkey bars. - Rebeca,  Taylor  & Chelsea 
I like to go on the slide. - Elizabel, Brenna, Nancy  & Norma 
I like Pizza. - Thong 
I like to bring homework home when it is done. - Thomas 
I like to sing. - Tan 
I like computers. Hiep & Jennifer 
I like playing basketball. - Thuan 
I like putting stars on kids homework folders. (future teacher!) - Cameron


By Jesse & Mary, Rm. 23-Ms.Anderson
We are trying to earn a party by earning points. We already had one party. We had fun. We had ice cream and free time. In math we are learning multiplication facts. Ms. Anderson is reading The Return of the Indian.

By Shawn, Rm 8-Ms. Luke, 4th Grade
In Room 8, we have been learning about the discoveries of different states and countries by different people. It's really interesting.

By Olivia, Rm 19-Ms. Ballard, 1st Grade
Our class got a new guinea pig. We feed him and give him water. We read to him. We are going to watch him grow.

By Rian, Rm 9 - Ms. Salter, 3rd Grade
When Room 9 comes to class we write in our journals. After journals, we do daily oral language. After daily language, we do math. After math, we go to P.E. or music. After P.E. or music, we go to recess. After recess we do reading. After reading, we go to lunch. When we are done eating lunch we go out to lunch recess. After lunch recess, we go to class for spelling. After spelling, Room 9 does English or Social Studies. Then Room 9 goes home.

By Ryan, Rm 21-Ms.Crichton, 5th Grade
In Room 21, we are using compasses. We are doing some great artwork with this tool. In reading we are reading The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson. For Character Day we had to be a biography or make a poster. Mrs. Crichton dressed as one of the First Woman Judges. That's all from Room 21 until next time.

By Eric, Rm 24-Mr. Dorr, 4th Grade
If you have noticed the eggs upstairs, they are salmon eggs. Some are up in a box and some are in the tank. When the eggs are white we bring them in the classroom because they are dead. We study them, but do not do tests.

By Catlin, Rm 16-Mr. Femiano, 3rd Grade
Dear Mr. Leatherman,
I am sorry about what happened to you in the war. I would like to be a teacher or a doctor. I think it would be cool, I would have to know alot of things. I think it would be fun. I don't think the war was fun.

By Sabrina, Rm 9-Ms.Salter, 3rd Grade
In Room 9 we do fun things. On Monday we baked pumpkin bread for Math. The hard part was following directions. If you finish your work early, you can have free time. You can go to the art table, computers, pattern blocks, Versa tiles, Insta-Learn or Listening Station. They are all fun. Mrs. Salter is a great teacher.

By Taylor, Rm 17-Mr. Pharis, 2nd Grade
In Room 17 we are learning how to make all sorts of stars. We have lots of math, but it's fun.

By Danielle, Rm 14-Ms. Marckx, 2nd Grade
We are studying spiders. We are learning lots of things like for instance, there are two kinds of spiders, web builders & wanderers. In computers we are learning Math Blasters - addition facts to 20. We are learning card games like double war and combinations of ten. On Halloween we wrote ghost poems. It was fun.

By Justin & Dustin, Rm 14-Ms.Marckx, 2nd Grade
We are studying spiders and we learned that they all can be different colors and that some can be poisonous. In computers we are learning math blasters and addition facts to 20. We are learning card games like combinations of tens.


Heading into the holiday season brings to
mind all that we have to be thankful for -
Healthy, happy kids that go to AH!
Healthy, happy teachers that teach at AH!
Just take a moment today and in honor of "thanks"giving, tell someone thank you. Maybe it's something/someone new, or maybe it's that thank you that you've been meaning to do!
Take the time today!
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