The Link Between School And Home
Thursday, October 8,1998


 Message from the President :
The school year is in full swing! Our first "Skate Night" was a great success with FUN for everyone. Thank you to all who went.

Did you know that one of the benefits of being a PTSA Member is receiving insurance coverage while volunteering at PTSA events? In fact, this is such an important aspect we will be asking all volunteers to be PTSA Members so we may extend this coverage for their protection. Please sign up today! For just $7.00 the benefits are incredible.

October PTSA meeting will be held Thursday, October 15th. Everyone is invited. Please mark your calendars and plan on being there.

Do you have any questions, concerns, ideas etc. to share with the PTSA? The officers:
Suzette Nedervelt, President
Peter Moy, Vice President
Charlene Marshall-Hitch, Secretary
Vivicca Monahan, Treasurer

The Jr. Seahawk Newsletter, published monthly and written by classroom reporters at Arbor Heights, will be published on-line this year. Mr. Ahlness will be working with reporters, teaching the basics of web page design, and having the students actually do their own typing and page layout. The newsletter is located on the school's home page. The weekly PTSA newsletter and Notes from the Principal are also on the school website.

The school technology committee is looking for a professional
electrician willing to donate several hours coordinating the expansion of our computer network by designing and installing new raceway. This expansion will include classrooms 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12. Please contact Mr. Wilkie or Mr. Ahlness ASAP if interested. Thanks !


Many thanks to all of those volunteers that have already gifted their time to our school.Please turn in any of the pink volunteer forms, it's not to late!

Dottie Phelps, the "Popcorn Lady", is in particular need of volunteers to pop, popcorn on Friday mornings. This task takes about 2 hours and can be done with a preschooler in tow. Even if you can only pop twice a year, your help would be greatly appreciated. Please give her a call if you can help. Popcorn is still only 35 cents !!


Does anyone have a rototiller that can be used for Fall Clean-Up? The bark chips around the play structures needs to be decompressed. Please call Kristen Jensen-Storey or Suzette Nedervelt if you are willing to loan yours..

General Mills is putting double box tops on Cheerios cereal ! We
receive 15 cents for each Boxtop for Education. Cheerios now has two box tops for education so we get 30 cents. Collect boxtop logo, send it to school. We redeem them and get a check in the mail. Any questions contact Lori Boyer.


Entertainment books will be available soon to reserve your copy please contact Joyce Horvath.


Dates to Remember :
October 3rd - Pancake Breakfast / Fall Clean-Up 9am - noon
October 8th - Open House / Bake Sale (we will be looking for bakers & sellers )
October 15th - PTSA meeting 7:00 pm


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