Volume 6, Issue 4 December/January 1994

$2,100 Profit for AHPTSA from Carnival & Raffle

The Family Carnival and Raffle was a wonderful night for all of the children and families of Arbor Heights. The games and prizes were a favorite of all the attendees. And the raffle ticket holders were anticipating great things as they hung onto the hopefully winning tickets. Children and adults alike were very pleased as they won items from lunch with Mr. Fowler to a weekend at the Sheraton.

The Carnival and Raffle Committee Chairs send a tremendous thank you to ALL who participated in the event. The PTSA cannot hold this event without you. We thank all of you for volunteering your time.

And the biggest thank yous of all go to Nancy Doyle and Stacy Whittall for the HOURS of time to make the Carnival and Raffle possible. Thank you both!!


Friday is popcorn day at AH. Please support your PTSA by buying a bag of popcorn for 35 cents. Or you can buy punch cards For $3.50, $5.25, or $7. Thank you to the students and parents who help with popcorn this year!! --Mary

Arbor Heights On The World Wide Web

The AH World Wide Web site is growing and reaching many educators and children around the world. Our Jr. Seahawk News is now available for people to read on the Internet. We've had visitors from around the U.S. and the world. Many have sent e-mail messages asking if AH is interested in doing projects with them...pen pals, exchanging ideas with other teachers and children, etc.. The opportunities are limitless. Room 12 (Mr. Ahlness, grade 3) is learning how to "navigate" on the World Wide Web, and has visited many schools and other sites around the world, using the computer in their classroom.

Drop by Room 12 to try out this thing for yourself. Before and after school and lunch time are the best times...visit the White House...hear Socks meow...check the weather in Houston...take a tour of the Louvre, etc.

We need typists to prepare the PTSA newsletter and other documents for the school site. It would be wonderful if we could involve parents in this way. Please see me if you can help type (on a word processor, like Microsoft Works).

Thanks, Mark Ahlness

Good-Bye Mrs. Harveland!!

The PTSA sends its love with Mrs. Harveland as she leaves Arbor Heights School. As School Secretary she showed nothing but encouragement and support for all our PTSA activities and events and she helped behind the scenes in many of them. We enjoyed getting to know her as a staff person, friend, parent, and fellow PTSA member. Linda, we will miss you. Thank you for everything you have done for us. -- Arbor Heights PTSA Board of Directors

Save Campbell's Food Labels:

Arbor Heights PTSA collects and saves Campbell's, Pepperidge Farm, and Swanson's food labels. In exchange for the labels we receive FREE playground and classroom equipment. Barb Jayne would love it if you would collect the Entire Label and send them in to school to put in the big Campbell's can in the foyer. Thanks!!

From the President...

First I would like to wish all of you a happy holiday season. Since we don't have a December PTSA meeting I won't remind you to attend that but since we also won't be having a January Newsletter I would like to remind you about our January Meeting.

At our November meeting we had a wonderful panel headed by Betsy Peirce from the Department of Social and Health Services. We heard about the joys of Foster Parenting and the incredible need in the community for people willing to help. We didn't have time for Mr. Fowler to lead his exercise so we have scheduled to do this in January. This exercise is something taught in Foster Parenting classes and as it concerns good discipline, it is something that could be valuable to any parent.

Also coming up is the Winter Program on December 20th. I know all of you are looking forward to seeing what the children have prepared. As this is a very popular event I suggest that you arrive early. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

As we approach January I am also reminded that the school year is about halfway over. I am not sure where the first half of the school year has gone but it has been busy. The PTSA has held its major fundraisers for the year and we are already very close to meeting our proposed budget. We are not sure at this point whether we need to have a spring fundraiser or not. We would welcome any suggestions or input you may have on the subject.

Again I would like to wish you the best in this holiday season. I hope that your families are happy and healthy. - Karl

Wednesday is School Banking Day!!

School banking is in business!! If you already have school banking accounts, come and see us. For those of you who have not yet opened an account, stop by Wednesday mornings between 8:45 and 9:00 to get a new account kit.

Can you help do banking one or two mornings a month? It only takes 1/2 hour on Wednesday mornings and you can bring your preschoolers if you need to. Call Kim Amsden, 937-7637. - From your friendly banking people!

From Room 17, Ms. Ballard,

The children in room 17 read the story "Bet You Can't" by Penny Dale. They have written their own "Bet You Can't" stories:

The Werewolf and the Turkey by Matthew, Room 15 (Mrs. Long):

Once upon a time there was a werewolf that liked turkey. The werewolf liked to walk on high cliff trails. But his mind was mostly on turkey. Then came Thanksgiving and the werewolf wanted a turkey. All at once there was a turkey. Then the werewolf ate it.

Do you know what to do in an emergency?

It's more than dialing 9-1-1.

If the Puget Sound area experiences an earthquake or another storm of the century, will you be properly prepared? Did you send in your emergency packet for your child yet? The PTSA maintains a water and medical supply for each classroom. The AH staff has an emergency plan in place. But are we prepared at home?

Can you put your hands on a working flashlight and portable radio RIGHT NOW??

Don't procrastinate! Start working on your plan today! There are several basics you should stock in your home: WATER, FOOD, FIRST AID, PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS, CLOTHING AND BEDDING, EMERGENCY SUPPLIES AND TOOLS, AND SPECIAL ITEMS.

You need to store at least a three day supply of water, one gallon per person per day (two quarts for drinking, two quarts for food preparation & sanitation). Water should be stored in plastic containers that will not decompose or break.

Store at least a 3 day supply of non perishable food. Select food that requires no refrigeration, cooking or preparation, that are compact and lightweight. Store your emergency supplies in sturdy, easy to carry containers such as backpacks, duffel bags, or covered trash cans. Store your kit in a convenient place known to all family members. Keep a smaller version of your kit in the trunk of your car.

My Favorite Thing At School by Room 3. Kindergarten (Ms. Stroh):

Community News:

Camp Fire: Groups are now forming. Groups can be coed or single gender. Call Jo Peak at 461- 8550, ext. 221 for more information.

Ski-Attle Ski School: Now enrolling students for their 57th year of servicing Seattle area school students. Ski-Attle Ski School offers programs for ages 7-18, beginning to expert. For more information please call the Ski-Attle office at 632-6406.

Mr. Femiano's 1, 2, & 3 Graders, Room 16:

Do you have a family read-aloud time? In room 16 we read aloud daily and are currently working on A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle. We are reading this Newberry Award Winner in preparation for a trip to the Seattle Children's Theater to see the play by the same name. It's a wonderful story involving mystery, suspense, odd characters and even space travel. As a class we strongly recommend that you and the family consider reading this book and, if possible, to go see the play.

To the Harrison Family:

Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of loss. This issue of the Newsletter is lovingly dedicated to Nick. We love you, BethAnn, and support you in your grief.

The PTSA Board

School Calendar

Please write these dates on your calendar or post this on your refrigerator! !