Volume 6, Issue 8 - May, 1995

Young Authors Conference May 25th

Thursday, May 25th is the big day! In the morning we will be having several assemblies featuring author-illustrator Keith Baker. In the afternoon children will be sharing their books in small groups. Parents are welcome to come and attend the celebration. Here is the schedule for the day:
9:15 - 9:50 Assembly featuring Keith Baker, grades 1-2 
10:00 - 10:45 Assembly grades 3-5 
11:15 - 11:45 Assembly Kindergarten 
1:00 Group Leaders meet in the library for directions.  Parents who 
wish to attend their 	child’s group can find the room assignment in 
the library. 
1:15 - 2:00 Children share their books in small groups 
2:00 - 2:20 Joint Recess—whole 	school autographing 
2:20 - 3:00 Author’s receptions 	(refreshments in the 
6:30 - 8:00pm Books will be on display in the gym during the Ice 
Cream Social the evening of May 25th. 

PTSA Meeting

April 11, 7:00 p.m. in the School Library!
Elections, Classroom Configurations, New Principal information
This PTSA Newsletter is intended to inform the AH community of what is going on in the school and how AHPTSA is involved in these happenings. If you have any question or would like to join the PTSA, talk to any Board of Directors Officer or Member.
94-95 PTSA Officers: 
Karl Borgwardt, President     431-8913 
Bob Moffett, Vice-President     937-6078 
Jami Moffett,Vice-President     937-6078 
Roberta Post, Secretary     937-5613 
Terry Shaw, Treasurer     935-7360 
Board Members: 
Mary Wilgocki   935-9437 
Bruce Fowler  281-6230 
Claudia Stroh  281-6230 
Sapina Pele 281-6230 
Kathy Robison  235-0895  
Published monthly (9 issues) by AHPTSA 6.15.35. 
Membership:  101 
Arbor Heights Elementary School 
3701 SW 104th St. 
Seattle, WA  98146 
(206) 281-6230 
Carol Bracher, Editor 
Deadline for next issue:  May 20 

From the President

As this is my last letter to all of you I would like to thank everyone, staff, teachers, parents and students for helping make this such a wonderful year. I have thoroughly enjoyed being the PTSA President this year. It has given me a great opportunity to get to know so many good people here. It has also kept me in better touch with what my own children are doing in school. Being this close to the school has also reminded me in a big way what a great school Arbor Heights is.

One of the people who I have truly enjoyed both working with and observing work with the children has been Mr. Fowler. I am deeply saddened that he will not be returning next year. I understand his need to move on though and wish him the best of luck wherever his trails may lead him. The PTSA is trying to be part of the selection process for Mr. Fowler’s successor. We hope that we are able to bring someone in who is as supportive of the students, staff, and the community.

I would also like to encourage anyone who has not already signed up to help at the Young Authors conference to do so. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the students at their best. This is a proud moment for the students and it is a pleasure to be able to share it with them.

At our next PTSA general meeting next week we will be introducing the new board members and I encourage everyone to come and get involved. The PTSA is more than just fundraising. It is the young Authors conference, it is the assemblies and special programs, it is all the extra help given to the children through volunteers. None of it is possible without the support of the parents. I know that the rewards are worth the time spent.


Summer Project: Save Campbell’s Food Labels!

AHPTSA collects and saves Campbell’s, Pepperidge Farm, & Swanson’s food labels. In exchange for the labels we receive FREE playground & classroom equipment.

Even though we are done collecting them this year, save your labels!! Save the entire label and send keep them in a safe place until school starts in the fall. Then we’ll start filling up our Campbell’s can in the foyer again. Thanks!

THANK YOU to every Arbor Heights Volunteer this year. It takes all of us to make our school so special. The PTSA Board of Directors appreciates all you have done!! Thanks!
Come to the Ice Cream Social to help celebrate Young Author’s Conference. See your children’s books on display. Thursday, May 25th, 6:30 - 8:00pm.

T-Shirt News:

Because of the generosity of the Bon Marche, we were again able to offer the 1995 Young Author’s T-Shirts at a very low price. These shirts cost over twice what we are charging. The Bon Marche, our PIPE Partner, is supplementing the price for us.

The T-Shirts are part of the celebration. The children love them! Mr. Fowler and the t-shirt committee have ordered a shirt for every child in grades K-3. If you have sent in your money, THANK YOU!! If have not yet sent in your money, please send it in to the office or your child’s teacher. If you are unable to afford the shirt, the PTSA will fund yours with our scholarships. If you have a desire to do so, you may send in extra to purchase a shirt (or shirts) for another student.

Our t-shirt company is again High Winds in White Center, one of our advertisers. They did a wonderful job last year and we know they will again this year!!

Any questions? Call Roberta Post 937-5613 or Carol Bracher, 937-2229

Playground Improvement:

Please watch for a survey coming home to you about what YOU want the Playground Improvement projects to be. This committee is looking at conceptual ideas for landscaping, outdoor classroom, playfield, and play equipment. We need your surveys back before the end of the year, just turn them in to your child’s teacher. Thank you!


Thank you to the kids and parents who saved and collected pennies for our penny drive. We received over $1,166!! The money will pay for Young Author’s Conference (approx $900) and will buy books to donate to the West Seattle Youth and Family Services Bureau. On May 18th we will have an assembly at school and the children of AH School will receive a SURPRISE for working so hard on this fundraiser.

A big thank you also to our teachers for being so patient and cooperative with our fund-raisers. Thanks for making this one part of your classroom activities.

Cheese Popcorn coming to A.H.!

On May 5 AHPTSA will be making and selling cheese popcorn (and regular popcorn for those who aren’t adventurous). We need to know if you like the cheese popeorn. Please buy and try it then let the popcorn people know what you think!! If everyone likes it, we will pop it to next year on a regular basis. Here’s the schedule:
May 5, cheese popcorn 
May 12, 19, regular popcorn 
May 26, caramel 
June 2, cheese popcorn 
June 9, caramel, last popcorn 	day for 94-95 

Have you hugged your teacher this week???

May 8-12 is Teacher Appreciation Week. Please be sure and thank your teachers for all they do for our children.

Community News:

This column is for news of community events. If you know of an event that Arbor Heights families would benefit from, please submit your information to the Newsletter Editor before January 16 for publication in the March newsletter.

News News

There’s one more newsletter to be published this year. Look for it to go home on June 9th. If you have any info for the newsletter, or if you want to thank your committee for their work this year, please give it to Carol B. before the Memorial Day weekend. Put it in my box at school or call me and leave it on my answering machine: 937-2229.
Here’s the Slate for AHPTSA Board of Directors Officers and Chairmen for the 95/96 School Year:
President: Terry McDermott
Vice-President:  Roberta Post 
Secretary:  Sue Murray 
Treasurer:  Betsy Forbes 
Fund-Raising:  Donna Carreon, Karen  
	Haines, and Hazel Cox 
Administration:  Willa Flannigan 
Student Activities:  Holly Gunther 
Public Relations:  Lynn Barnicle 

They will be officially voted in at the PTSA Meeting on May 11 at 7pm in the school library.

From the Editor:

..I hate rumors. Especially when they turn out to be true! If you haven’t heard by now, we are going to be saying good-bye to Mr. Fowler at the end of this school year. When I heard this rumor, I wanted to cover my ears and scream so I couldn’t hear any more (I know, not a pretty picture). When he confirmed the rumor, I still didn’t like it. Bruce, I’ve enjoyed working with you, and know you will do a wonderful job where you’re going.

We will all miss you a lot. You have made Arbor Heights a very successful school for our children. Thank you...we can never thank you enough.

Thanks for listening...until next month...
Carol B.

Classroom News

Room 16, Mr. Femiano (Grades 1-3):

The students in room 16 are working feverishly to produce two books each—a non- fiction as well as a fiction. We’re publishing science, alphabet, counting, religious, even joke books. We also hope to write “once upon a time” stories. We’ve also written and illustrated a class book summarizing our latest read-aloud, The Trumpeter Swan by E.B. White.

Room 23, Ms. Anderson (Special Ed):

We just completed animal reports and shared information about birds of prey, cougars, snakes, frogs, bats, waterfowl, gorillas, and dogs.

We have written and published several stories on subjects including swimming with friends, dragons and castles, adventures in the town of Chew & Swallow (from the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and many versions of Clifford stories. It is a lot of fun to dictate stories to our partners in Mr. Wagner’s class, who in turn publish the stories using laptop computers.

Room 21, Ms. Chrichton (grade 5):

Room 21 scholars are writing family or Seattle history novels for their Young Author’s books. Mrs. Moffett gave us lessons on using colored pencils to help us on our illustrations.

Eloy is a new student who joined us. We are very pleased that he came to our class. Eloy transferred from a school in California.

Room 8, Ms. Luke (grade 4):

Room 8 is doing “The CAT”. did you know that May 25 is the Young Author’s Conference? I’m almost done with mine. It’s called “The Skittle Throwers”.
by Willi

Room 9, Ms. Salter (grade 3):

We have been very busy getting ready for the Young Author’s Conference, taking CAT tests, and trying to learn as much as we can before the year is over. Room 9 Reading write Poetry Books, instead of stories, for Young Author’s. It was bun because many of the poems are silly.

How to get your parents to do what you want them to do!!!

Ask nicely 
Explain why 
Offer to do chores 
Do what they want 
Be good 
Give them a gift 
Beg them 
Puppy faces 
Make them feel bad 
Sad faces 
Annoy them 
Tell them it’s not fair 
Be bad 
Pout all day 
Bribe them 
Mind control 
Keep repeating please 
Make a mess 

This list was generated by the students in room 24. How many of these things happen in your family?


I am happy to announce we have a new PTSA Newsletter Editor for next year. Gail Ballard is a delightful person and you will all enjoy working with her.

Gail has four children, Eric Henry is in 3rd grade in Mr. Dorr’s class, Catlin is in 2nd grade in Mr. Femiano’s class, and there are two more little ones at home, ages 2 years and 6 months. Gail is also a Camp Fire Leader.

She recently quit her full time job as a graphic designer for Associated Grocers to stay home full time with her children. For Christmas she received a new Macintosh computer so she is all set up and ready to go!! I’m sure the Newsletter will be spectacular!!

I hope you support Gail as much as you have supported me in these past 5 years as Editor. Be patient and give her all the information she needs. Also, expect great things. I know she will come through for the PTSA.

Young Author’s Conference:

by Mary Wilgocki, Chairman
On May 25th the school will be holding its annual Young Author’s Conference. This is the day that all our children share their writings. Several parents and community members will come to gather in small groups and hear each student read their own stories. The day also includes an assembly by Keith Baker, the author, to offer his wisdom about the world of writing books.

The conference has been one of my favorite events each year. Over the last three years, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the creativity and seeing the artistic illustrations. These children of ours are really marvelous, talented writers.

The recent penny drive helps the PTSA fund this event. Thank you all for helping the children find all those pennies. The day will be well worth the effort.