Welcome to the Arbor Heights School Young Authors Conference, 1995!

On May 25, 1995, we held our annual Young Authors Conference. Every student (K-5) published a book. On this special day each student had a chance to share his or her book with other students, parents, and teachers. Our special guest this year was childrens book author Keith Baker, shown here autographing one of his books with Mrs. Dene Napolitan, our librarian and organizer of the event.

Part of the day of sharing includes an all-school recess, where students collect autographs from other young authors and teachers in a special memory book. Here Mr. Wagner does his best to keep up with the long lines of autograph seekers.

In the evening the school hosts an Ice Cream Social. All the books are set up in the gym for everyone to see. Mr. Femiano sets up the display for the books made by his students.

The display is a wonderful way for teachers to see the work of all the students at the school. Mrs. Long, Mr. Femiano, Mr. Fowler, and Ms. Anderson enjoy an especially good book.

The ice cream sundaes were served up by an expert staff, led by Mr. Wilkie and Mr. Dorr.

...and even more behind the scenes, Mrs. Kingman and Mrs. Keegan, our two wonderful secretaries, kept the whole event running smoothly.

Those sundaes sure were delicious!

This was truly a family event!

Back in the gym, parents took a good look at the books.....

Naturally, students were just as interested as their parents in looking at other books...

Sharing your hard work can be very rewarding!

Next year we will have a new Principal, Mr. Leatherman. He came to our ice cream social and got to meet many students and parents.

We sure will miss Mr. Fowler! But it was really nice to have both our principals at our Young Authors Conference!

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