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December, 1996 - This seasonal look sported the smaller imagemap and a white background - major changes first seen in June of 1996 (below). It also included a seasonal background sound. The page is often given a similar treatment for other holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, etc.).
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Notes on the current home page:  
Today's look.... This is our current home page.  This is pretty much the same page Bill Gates used in the paperback version of The Road Ahead. Some icons have been changed, and many links have been updated. Improvements to the web site over the past six years have been primarily in content, with the addition of many documents and writings. The home page has remained relatively unchanged during this period.

To take a look at changes documented on a daily basis for the first five years, be sure to visit the "What's New" page. Choose any month since September, 1995 to get an idea of what went into maintaining the site.  This was discontinued in 1999 - although regular updates continue.

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