Welcome to the Arbor Heights School Young Authors Conference, 1996!

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On May 29, 1996, we held our annual Young Authors Conference. Every student (K-5) published a book. On this special day each student had a chance to share his or her book with other students, parents, and teachers. Our special guest this year was childrens book author Arthur Dorros, shown here autographing one of his books with Mrs. Dene Napolitan, our librarian and organizer of the event.

Mr. Dorros showed us some wonderful drawing ideas.
Here he visits a kindergarten classroom.

This special day was made even more exciting by a visit from our old principal, Mr Fowler! He was swamped on the playground by students hoping to get his autograph.

Mr. Dorr, Mr. Wagner, and Ms. Stroh also have their hands full on the playground! Each student got a special Young Authors Autograph book. The beautiul shirts were provided for all students at school by our wonderful PTSA!

At the end of the school day, Mrs. Luke, Mr. Femiano, and Mrs. Long set up books written by their students in the gym. This was in preparation for....

The Ice Cream Social!!
In the evening, the school staff served up some wonderful, tasty sundaes.

It was truly a family event!

Back in the gym, parents got to read books made by their children, as well as books made by all the students at Arbor Heights.

"Did you really do all of this yourself?"
"These books are wonderful!"

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