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Young Authors' Conference 2001!

On May 23 and 24, 2001, we held our annual Young Authors' Conference. Every student (K-5) published a book. On this special day each student had a chance to share his or her book with other students, parents, and teachers. This event was organized by our librarian, Mrs. Dene Napolitan. Our special guest this year was children's book author George Shannon!

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Author George Shannon speaks with Arbor Heights students and autographs lots of books!

In the afternoon all Arbor Heights students shared their books in small groups with children from other classrooms and grades. Then there was an all-school recess and autographing party! Thanks to our PTSA for our beautiful T-shirts! Everybody was busy signing each other's shirts:

Mrs. Salter

Mr. Dorsey

Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Saldaña

Books we just had to share....

Room 12's books!

There was also a tasty Ice Cream Social in the evening.
What a wonderful day!

Great ice cream!

Proud author

Just unbelievable!

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